Saturday, September 22, 2012

MTG 2013 DLC Expansion Pack (XBLA)

Stainless Games, and Wizards of the Coast continue to bless us with more downloadable content for the "MTG: Duels of the Planeswalkers" series. While it took a while to arrive this latest expansion set is chock full of worthy additions to the core set. Straying a little from the path of the 2013 core set these new decks involve cards from an upcoming expansion release titled "Return to Ravnica". Luckily for diehard MTG (Magic the Gathering) fans these new cards can be experienced in their entirety through the 5 new decks that the DLC expansion pack offers. The new decks each feature dual color, and dual effect mana properties allowing for more in-depth strategies, and more involved gameplay. You will face five very ruthless duelists including Selesnya, Azorius, Rakdos, Izzet, and Golgari. Accompying the five new decks are 10 new campaigns, and 5 new challenges to familiarize you with the gameplay mechanics.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Double Dragon Neon (XBLA): "The 80's Reborn"

The 80's were a magical time in history when the entertainment industry was at it's best, and most original. There were all sorts of awesome movies being released, the music was arguably the coolest, and video games were truly awe-inspiring. I grew up in the 80's myself, and was able to partake of the greatness that it had offered. Those who were as lucky as me will often tell you that they miss such days, because everything seemed so much simpler. As a gamer I spent most of my spare time in the 80's playing on my family's NES with my brothers. We played what seemed like hundreds of games, and never grew tired of doing so. We would revisit some games on a constant basis while certain others we would just conquer, and move on. One game we often revisited was "Double Dragon". I remember getting in fights with my brothers over the game, but looking back we did have our fun moments as well. It's memories like these that I cherish so dearly. Being able to do a review on the latest installment of the 'Double Dragon' series gave me a trip of nostalgia that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Snops Attack! Zombie Defense (XBLIG): "The One XBLIG Shmup That Could Have Easily Been A Retail Game!"

DUDE!!! I'm so psyched to do this review! I've been waiting for what seems like an eternity to get my hands on this game! Ever since I watched the Mike Walz's/SnopsGames (The Developer) Youtube videos I knew this game was special, and in the end it did not disappoint. For those of you who are clueless as to what this game is about it's basically a bullet hell shooter, but a bullet hell shooter that is presented in the most grand fashion you could possibly fathom. What sets this gem apart from most XBLIG shmup titles is the breathtaking visuals, amazing character animations, and the superb soundtrack that each compliment the onscreen action in some truly awe-inspiring ways. This game, in all honesty could easily be marketed as a retail game if Mike just added some more features, and bonus material. It's seriously that good.

Download The "Double Dragon: Neon" Official Soundtrack For Free!!!

Most of you who now know me understand what sort of a music fanatic I am. I love all kinds of music, and listen to songs on a frequent basis. If you were allowed to hang with me at my place you'd likely hear an odd mixture of music ranging from classical music such as that Beethoven provides to more hardcore German Industrial bands that are anything but kid friendly. Aside from my vast, and unsual taste in music genres you'll also find that I also enjoy gaming soundtracks as well. In my collection I have a 4-Disc KOF compilation, "The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings" soundtrack, and the "Dark Souls" Artbook + Soundtrack combo. Video game music is quite frankly one of the best genres that one can find in the world. Some game soundtracks include epic symphonies befitting of royalty while others have a more hardcore sound. Video games arouse such a wide spectrum of emotions that all sort of music genres can be applied to them.

Without beating around the bush too much longer though, I'm here to let you (my readers) know about the "Double Dragon: Neon" soundtrack that is currently available for download at no cost. You heard me right. The soundtrack is free, and can be downloaded via a website which Ben has provided. If you are into 80's tunes, and want to partake of this one of a kind hand out then simply click on the link/s included in the following email.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dogfight 1942 (XBLA): "WWII Aerial Combat With A Somewhat Realistic Design"

I have played only a handful of war based aerial combat titles in my time as a gamer, and as such doing this review was in many ways a first for me. As a gamer, and person in general my knowledge of the wars is honestly limited. Being able to play a game such as "Dogfight 1942" sort of allowed me to broaden my horizons in that area though. The realistic nature of the character interactions along with the well played historical battles shed some light on the subject for me.With their latest creation City Interactive has delivered a gaming experience that is both interesting, and somewhat engaging. While I cannot confirm it, I believe that they actually went out of their way to recreate significant details with their campaign reenactments. Some of it I'm sure is probably more on the side of fiction, but at least the game is based on real events though.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Face-Plant Adventures (XBLIG): "The World Through The Eyes Of A Piranha Plant ... Not Really Though"

When I first laid eyes on Face-Plant Adventures a couple of thoughts came to mind. The first thing to pop into my mind was the main character looks like a mix between a Piranha Plant (Super Mario Bros.), and the man-eating venus flytrap from "Little Shop of Horrors". Secondly, as I watched the trailer I began to think of the "Sonic the Hedgehog" video game series because of the rail systems, and the checkpoints. Even with similarities such as these though it seems that the developer, oddworm games has decided to make the game like those of the "impossible game" genre. It was an odd choice to say the least, and one that could easily be this games undoing. I've complained numerous times about "impossible games" in the past, because they leave no room for error making it a frustrating experience that no one in their right mind would revisit. After choosing not to complete my playthrough due to difficulties in the HARD setting I decided to go ahead with my review.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mark of the Ninja (XBLA): "A Hands-On Ninja Experience"

Ninjas are one of the most revered of all assassins. Hollywood, toy makers, and even game designers have all delved into the mystical world of the ninja. Over the years I myself have enjoyed such entertainment fantasies, and even once pretended as a child that I was a ninja. When it comes to the world of gaming Ninjitsu is just as fantastical as the delusions of grandeur that a child such as myself has entertained. I've seen a wide array of game titles in my time that encompass the many aspects of the ninja genre. During the NES days I spent long hours trying my best to master all of the "Ninja Gaiden" games. As I grew up I spent even more time, and money on game releases that also surrounded the mythology including RPGs, and fighting games. As gaming has evolved so has the portrayal of these historic figures. It seems that even passing time cannot dull the god-like mystique that these shadowy death dealers have become so famous for.

WraptorSkinz (Xbox 360)

As an Xbox 360 reviewer it is my ultimate goal to become "mainstream", and start reviewing what the big time reviewers review. I know that in order to do this I need to start off covering simple products/games, and eventually work my way up to the more expensive ones. This is one of the reasons I began requesting controller add-ons earlier last month. Surprisingly in my quest to gain contributors I found a few product designers including WraptorSkinz that were willing to give my reviews a shot. I had not expected such a welcome response considering I've been turned down, or ignored for nearly every controller review request I've made. I suppose skins, and grips aren't as much of a hassle to send as controllers would be though.

Mark of the Ninja (XBLA) - Never Before Seen Trailer & Ninja Gaiden Tribute Art!!!

If you've been paying attention to my "future reviews" section then you'll know that I've had Klei Entertainment's new XBLA game "Mark of the Ninja" listed for quite some time now. As usual I've gotten the game ahead of the release date, and have been working hard at completing it so that I can deliver a proper review. My playthrough is currently still an ongoing process, but I promise that I'll deliver my review soon. Until that time I have a very special Never-Before-Seen video to share with you that showcases bonus costumes, and new ninja tools. I also have a Twitter link that shows of some "Ninja Gaiden" mash-up/tribute art. You'll find links to both below. If your interested in getting the game it will cost 1200 msp, and will be released on the XBL marketplace today. I suggest that you at least give the game a chance by sampling the trial.

Mark of the Ninja - Costume & Tool Trailer

Mark of the Ninja - Twitter Ninja Gaiden Mash-Up Art

- Brad (OtakuDante) -

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise (XBLA)

When I first watched the preview trailer to Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise months ago I couldn't really make heads, or tails of it. To me it looked like a an old school 3D brawler with slightly dated graphics. Regardless of my obvious biased opinions of the game I went forth with my request, and 7Sixty accepted it. I'm definitely grateful that they gave me the opportunity to review their game. As a reviewer there's nothing more exciting than venturing into uncharted territory such as a pre-release game offers. After getting the game, and doing as much of the playthrough as I could I found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place. I wanted so much to like the game, but there were some issues that aggravated me to no end. As a result this review will likely reflect some of that frustration, but in a calm manner. Before I get into those details though, please allow me to tell you more about this game.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: "Rooftop Mayhem Gameplay Trailer"

Rooftop Mayhem Trailer for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Released

BUDAPEST – September 5, 2012 – Independent developer NeocoreGames presents a new gameplay trailer for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, leading the young monster hunter high above the cobbled streets of Borgova, where strange creatures creep and crawl. Helping out a scientist in need and battling a horde of nightmarish creatures, Van Helsing fights his way through the rusty walkways, majestic terraces and the crumbling chimneys of the rooftop world! You may prepare yourself for a whole array of fantastic foes: the Strongmen, former circus performers; Igors, the once obedient servants of the mad scientists; Stitchfiends, created to annihilate monsters; and the succubus-like Rusalkas!

Pinball FX2: "Plants Vs. Zombies"

Who needs a George A. Romero zombie survival strategy when you have a garden full of combative plant life that would make the man-eating venus flytrap from Little Shop of Horrors green with envy. Now that I've got your attention with that college level wordplay let me shed some light on the subject of this review. Most of you, by now have either played or heard of PopCap Game's unique horror-survival strategy game, "Plants Vs. Zombies". The game's title pretty much explains it all for those who haven't though. You grow a garden of living/organic plant weapons that act as an at-home defense against the incoming brain hungry zombie invaders. The Pinball FX2 table of the same name follows this simplistic yet oddly complicated plot with it's own take on the core game title. Staying true to the "Pinball FX2", and "Plants Vs. Zombies" experience Zen Studios, and PopCap Games collaborate to bring you a pinball experience like no other.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

March to the Moon (XBLIG): "A Retro Shmup/RPG Hybrid""

I'm a reviewer, and gamer who values true creativity. Truly creative games have sadly become kind of rare in the XBLIG marketplace these days though. You'll notice games that seem to borrow ideas from other's, and near clones of games that have recently been released. As a result of this trend developers of indie games often times flock to simple gaming genres in order to make a name for themselves. You will often see me tweet, or talk about the declining situation of the gaming industry, because of things like these. Regardless of my disgust the marketplace's current creative status I'm still grateful that there are some developers out there who actually produce noteworthy games. Califer Games just so happens to be one of the handful of noteworthy indie game developers that I'm speaking of. They recently contacted me, requesting that I review their latest release of "March to the Moon". I was a little hesitant at first, but it looked interesting enough to review. After playing it for a good while I was glad that I gave it a proper chance.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Death Closet (XBLIG): "A Hardcore Meme Death Frenzy"

I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm a reviewer who likes to buy from the XBLIG marketplace from time to time. If it weren't for the XBLIG indie developers I wouldn't be where I'm at today with this blog. As such I decided to buy a 'Stegersaurus' game that was recently released called "Death Closet". The name was definitely catchy, and the ghastly little dude on the cover art was begging me to buy the game (not really ^.^), so I could not resist. I read the description as usual, and despite that it was obviously one of those "impossible" game titles I ventured forward with my purchase. After downloading the game, and sampling all that it had to offer. I found that this simple game was the first "impossible" title that I actually enjoyed playing.