Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Racedrome City (XBLIG): "Quality Online & Offline Racing FTW!!!"

In the XBLIG marketplace you'll find many aspiring game developers as well as some game developers that produce near XBLA content. Rendercode Games just so happens to be one of the better developers who are known for consistently good game releases. In the past I've reviewed a variety of sports, and racing related games that were developed by them, and enjoyed each playthrough equally. I was always impressed by the rendering, and the overall professional look/feel of the games. In their latest release, Racedrome City the developer continues their trend of quality with possibly one of the best racing games to grace the XBLIG marketplace. With new features, and next-gen graphics this affordable racer might just be what you've been looking for ...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

STRACO Episode 1 (XBLIG): "A Retro Tower Defense Game With Shmup Action"

It has become quite obvious to me over the past few years that the newer generations of video games are only bringing with them more problems. Things like annoying online gameplay, and poor presentation overshadow the possibility of any fun to be had. As a result I often find myself thinking about the times when games were actually fun, and worthwhile. Those days of course are long gone, but thanks to some classic XBLIG game developers they are not entirely lost. NVO (Not Very Original) for example has taken their time to develop a well balanced tower defense game that harkens back to the days when games were actually fun, and challenging. This game I speak of is none other than STRACO Episode 1.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Three Dead Zed (XBLIG): "Possibly the Most Unique Zombie Game This Year!!!"

Gentleman Squid Studio has created an amazing one of a kind zombie platformer that is both next-gen in quality, and old school at the same time. It's not often that I've seen a 2D platforming game that features zombies as the main protagonists along with puzzle solving themes all in the same package. Somehow the developer managed to create this game in exactly that way though. In the end I think the things that really drew me to this XBLIG title were the art style, and the fact that it was a platformer. I absolutely love platformers, and have been a fan of them since the days of the NES. Seeing 'Three Dead Zed' in the youtube trailer a month earlier really made me smile. It was filled with blood, and gore which made me more than excited about getting my hands on it. When I was contacted by 'Gentlemen Squids Studios' I played it cool, but I was honestly like a kid tearing into a really cool Christmas present.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Pinball FX2/Marvel Pinball: "Civil War"

In 2006 there began an epic Marvel mini-series that was unlike anything the fans of the longstanding comic book franchise had ever seen. This series was none other than Marvel's "Civil War". The event lasted through seven epic drama filled issues that involved many of Marvels best known superheroes, and supervillains. Standing their ground at the core of the conflict was Iron Man, and Captain America. The two popular Marvel superheroes found themselves on opposing sides of a newly proposed "Super Hero Registration Act (SHRA)" which was created after a deadly clash that resulted in the loss of many innocent lives. On one hand Iron Man was all for the proposed act, and on the other hand Captain America was very much against it. What spawned from this massive civil unrest was several instances of bloodshed, and the division of the Marvel Universe as we (the readers) had come to realize it.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trailer Park King 3DD (XBLIG): "Zombies, Aliens & Porn!!! Oh My!!!"

In a true sequel fashion Freelance Games, the developers behind the XBLIG hit "Trailer Park King" series starts this newest chapter of King's adventure off with a brief flashback detailing what went on in the previous episode. When we last left King he was in the midst of a dilemma concerning Truck's "condition". The entire trailer park had deemed Truck as a zombie since he hadn't been acting like himself, and were insistent about finding out the truth. With the aid of his interesting lady friends (and a couple of redneck men) King has made it his priority to find out whether, or not Truck is really a zombie. Using Skinny's guide to zombies King sets out to free his nemesis from the hamster ball cage he is currently imprisoned in, so that he can regain access to his precious porn. Will we ever get to see the porn on King's tv? Will Truck be cleared of his inhuman label? What about the aliens? It's all up to you to find out. Be wary though as all is not as it seems in the good old trailer park ...

Monday, November 19, 2012

OtakuDante's Black Ops 2 Custom Emblems!!!

When it comes to video game customization options there's nothing I like better than something that allows me to express my artistic talent. Games like the original 'Black Ops', and 'Soul Calibur V' rank among the best customizable games. In the original 'Black Ops' they introduced a truly awesome emblem customization menu that allowed the gamer to create almost anything they could imagine. The emblem designs that spawned from this customization mode ranged from the mundane to the truly awe-inspiring. The feature added a more personal touch to the less than personal gameplay. In the case of 'Soul Calibur V' the character customization was just as detailed, if not more so. You could design some amazing custom characters that were each brought to life right before your eyes. Not only that, but you were also able to use the newly created characters in offline, and online gameplay. In retrospect it's features like these that really make a good game stand out even more.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Neocore Games Has Finally Found Their New Hero!!!

I posted an article not too long ago giving you guys & gals the opportunity to vote on Neocore Game's hero for the upcoming action RPG, "The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing". It turns out that everyone who voted felt pretty much the same way I did, and thought that the 'Mysterious Stranger' was badass enough to take on the lead role. In the end this masked monster slayer won the right through your votes to become Neocore's hero. I would like to thank everyone who voted. Be sure to keep an eye on my blog as I'm sure more screenshots, and videos will be released before the game is. I will definitely keep you informed on the latest news concerning this amazing game. Be sure to save some microsoft points as I'm sure this XBLA title will be worth it. If you'd like to wait on my review that is fine as well though. Until next time I bid you farewell ladies & gents!

- Brad (OtakuDante) -

Saturday, November 10, 2012

RocketGirl (XBLIG): "Prepare Yourself For Full-on Sensory Overload!!!"

W ... T ... F!? WTF!!! ... Okay let me compose myself a bit ...

I'm not exactly sure what Software By Eugene was thinking when creating this game but it most definitely warrants a warning label. When I first laid eyes on the game I thought "Cool!!!". This is a shmup I could definitely get into. It featured a voluptuous girl riding a rocket. What's not to like there??? I have to say before I go any further though that I was dead wrong about the whole shmup (shoot 'em up) thing. This game is definitely not a shmup. Instead what we have here is one of those intense sensory overload survival games where the point is to make it to the end without crashing into objects. As you can probably guess you pilot a scantily clad girl riding a large rocket (obvious sexual innuendo!!!) through the course of these lengthy adventures. With the application of a single button press (A) you control the ascent, and descent of this buxom young lady as she flies through what could be best described as some sort of sexually drug induced fantasy trip. Often times the screen flashes with possible seizure inducing light shows, and half naked ladies flying through the air all over the place as you fly onward on the larger than life rocket that's between your legs. Logic is definitely not present here.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Compromised (XBLIG) Coming To PC!!!

Earlier this year I did a review on the XBLIG shmup "Compromised". It was developed by Super Soul Studios/Games, and offered a new take on the shmup genre. While it wasn't you're traditional shmup (shoot 'em up) game it did have traditional elements, and played a little like Metroidvania style platformers. Recently Richie of Super Soul contacted me through email letting me know about his future plans for the game. On November 16th of this year a Beta PC version will be released for purchase on Desura, and IndieCity for $3.99. Richie also informed me that the changes applied to this new PC version may be implemented on the XBLIG version as well. From what I understand the graphics will be updated, and new modes made possible. Accompanying this good news is equally impressive news about the developer's work on a multiplayer beta for the XBLIG version of the game. The update is currently in the works, and will hopefully be presented soon. Before I close I should also mention that "Compromised" is currently on Steam Greenlight. I will leave a link to it in case you are interested in checking it out.

Compromised (Steam Greenlight):

Monday, November 5, 2012

Demon House: FPS (XBLIG): "Something Borrowed, Something New ..."

Photonic Games brings to the indie marketplace an FPS (First Person Shooter) title that seems to incorporate familiar gameplay features which have been used in well known FPS games throughout the years. At the heart of Demon House: FPS you'll find vague yet noticeable similarities to games like 'BioShock', 'Doom', and even 'Quake' giving the game a retrospective atmosphere. The story, or plot at the core of this game is unique however, and seems to be derived from the scfi/fantasy genre of steam-punk fiction using necromancy as it's driving factor. As the game's protagonist, an unnamed scientist you (the gamer) find that it is your duty to put an end to one of the greatest necromancers the world has ever seen. Your target, the evil scientist of the story has willingly unlocked the secrets of life, and death and has used his knowledge to raise a soul driven army of mechanical soldiers. Seeing this as a potential hazard the powers that be have summoned you to dispatch the creator, and his unholy creations through classic weapon based combat. As you venture into the domain of the dead you'll find plenty of aggressive oddities that are hellbent on your demise. With your steam-punk weaponry in hand your task is simple. Destroy the creations, set the souls free, and put a stop to the madness. Are you up for the challenge?

Neocore Games is Looking For The New Hero of "The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing"!!!

Earlier this year (October I think?) I tweeted links to a poll/survey concerning Neocore Game's search for their new protagonist/hero. They offered the fans three distinct interview-like videos featuring animations of each character detailing the characters' views on why they should be the main star of the game. You had the Chevalier who was somewhat arrogant in nature, the fabled Van Helsing himself, and a mysterious masked stranger (my personal favorite) who seemed to be the most badass one of all. As of now there is only one week left to get your votes in. I will leave you a link to the videos as well as a link to the poll/survey in hopes that you will partake of this unique opportunity provided by the developer of the game. I have high hopes for this upcoming XBLA title, and if the screenshots, and gameplay videos are a direct portrayal of things to come then we are definitely in for a treat!

Link to the funny casting video:

Link to the original announcement:

Link to the voting:

- Brad (OtakuDante) -