Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Zen Pinball 2 / Star Wars Pinball - Heroes Within (PS3/PS4/PS VITA)

Zen Studios continues to release the greatest arcade pinball games to this day. The tables always look stellar, and virtually feel smoother than any other pinball experience outside of them. In the latest pinball set we are given the opportunity to nab with our hard earned money some of the best Star Wars themed pinball tables yet. Just when I thought Zen Studios could not outdo what they've already done they go, and prove me wrong again. This latest set known as 'Star Wars Pinball - Heroes Within" contains four distinctly new tables that each take on some fan favorite subjects. You have a table dedicated to the rough, and tough Han Solo. you have a table dedicated to the Jedi Masters, and Sith Lords. You have a table designed after everyone's favorite droids, and you even have a table themed after the fourth episode in the original Star Wars Trilogy. Each table comes jam packed with intricate detail designs, 3D interactive objects/models, a ton of on-table mini-games as well as plenty of scoring opportunities. It's truly Star Wars pinball at it's finest!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Let's Talk - "Going All Digital pt.2"

Yesterday I don't think I made my message entirely clear. The header of yesterday's article, which was appropriately titled "Let's Talk - 'Going All Digital'" was meant to reflect exactly that. The point I was trying to make at the core of it all is that not all digital practices are bad, but that the ones in which you pay full price just to have the rights to play the games, or use the online services are. Not only that, but I also stick by the possible scenario in which gaming companies could go under in the near future. The fact that modern-day consoles are wholly geared towards online usage greatly limits their offline functionality, and in doing so presents a huge problem should a gaming company lose interest in providing their online services. Consoles these days, in comparison to retro consoles often times will not fully function without the support of the applied online network. Whether it be Sony's PSN, Microsoft's Xbox LIVE, or Nintendo's whatever you will be hard pressed to re-download, and use past purchased digital content, or games in general once the online services are void. In retro days with retro consoles we did not have this issue, because those consoles were grounded, and fully functional in the offline scenario.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Let's Talk - "Going All Digital"

It's midway into my day, and I just got word via +boogie2988  on Youtube that Gamestop is basically shutting down it's gaming business for a business venture in mobile phones, and tablets. While that's a whole clusterf*ck in itself I want preach a sermon on something else that relates to the mobile gaming industry, and the digital practices it entails. This is a lesson in "Have & Have Not", as it were. Some of you in this world may be thinking this very day about the future of entertainment, and that going all digital is not a bad thing. WELL YOU'RE !@#$% WRONG! Let me explain why. In this world we live in today the stock market is dwindling, paychecks are harder to come by, consumer spending is at an all time low, and damned if gaming companies, and companies in general aren't going under one right after the other. What I see in the midst of the monetary maelstrom is a bunch of people trying to grasp for substance, and people who are trying there hardest to get that one thing that ensures a decent living. This "thing" is known as money. The root of all evil. Companies these days have turned to various greedy practices to get as much of this money as possible. Individuals themselves are even hacking accounts and scamming others to do exactly the same. Money is on everybody's mind. It's what makes the world go round.

'Skullgirls Encore' Free For PS+ Subscribers in May!!!

Putting aside all negative feelings for 'Autumn Games', 'Lab Zero Games', and their fanboy fighting game community I will admit that "Skullgirls Encore" is a decent fighting game experience. It offers a beautiful art style, amazing music, unique fighting game characters, and mechanics that try to right the wrongs of many generations of fighting games. The initial project was truly ambitious in it's own right, and in a slight way has prevailed in it's endeavor despite it's many ups, and downs. Players of the "Marvel vs Capcom" series will be glad to know that the developer has taken some inspiration from MvC, and has even applied some features from other well known fighting game series (color palettes, etc., ...).

Aside from the similarities of other fighters the latest edition of the game "Skullgirls Encore" continues to take in account infinites, and continues to apply the anti-spam mechanic that made it's namesake notable. It is this anti-spam feature that will enable the player to escape from repetitive combos should they get caught up in them. With that being said though the game is still not flawless, and there are ways to extend, and exploit combos by slightly altering hit patterns. As such combos in the 100's can be achieved if you can time your inputs just right. With all of it's good, and not-so-good points though the developers behind this fighting game creation continue to patch it, release new in-game content, and release new character DLC for their diehard fans.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Castlevania: LoS2 - "Revelations" DLC (PS3)

In this latest "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2" DLC release titled "Revelations" Konami aims to test your mettle, and your patience with a handful of ridiculously hard boss fights, and only a small amount of level based platforming puzzles. The main protagonist this time around, who will be going along for the ride is none other than the weakling vampire Alucard, and I stress the word weakling. During Dracula's, and Alucard's last encounter we found (assuming you have beaten the game) that these two lead vampires had fooled Satan with a plot to end the dark lord's return. All Dracula wanted was for his eternal life to end, and all Alucard (aka, Trever Belmont) wanted was for the family's suffering to end. Just before the final fight with Satan Alucard let Dracula (aka, Gabriel Belmont) in on the secret between them, and in doing so had shed some light on the events that had taken place prior to their current day reunion. The sword placed in Dracula's still beating heart was no accident, and the near fatal wound was merely part of the ploy to get Dracula in good terms with a certain enemy (Zobeck). Together the two vampires thwarted Satan's plan ultimately killing him, and his demon spawn off for the second time since the beginning of this all inclusive mini-series.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Open Letter to Fighting Game Developers

It has come to my attention that the fighting game genre, in general has been adopting some very bad mechanics, and character rosters that cater to the worst sorts of players. I firmly believe that fighting game developers have become so desperate for money that they are reaching out to the "CoD" community with fully exploitable features intact for the sole purpose of appeasing such gamer types. There's simply no other viable explanation. Take the latest release of "BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma", for example. The game is so broken in structure that it's damn near impossible to get into a fair fight. In the game the blocking, and recover mechanics are so severely limited, because of a special meter that it leaves you open to infinite attack strings with no way out. The character roster in BBCP is another thing that does the series a huge disservice. Most of the characters have exploitable projectiles, or have zoning attacks that make the "in & out" tomfoolery a piece of cake. Characters like "Izayoi", and "Arakune" who have the ability to phase in, and out of existence make landing combos, or hits a trying ordeal, especially when the gamer using them is playing a heavy keep away game.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Demon Gaze (PS VITA)

Demon Gaze is what you would call a minimalist's JRPG. You are given a very vague story, are introduced to only a handful of different main characters, and are thrust into the adventure with a bare minimum of tasks to take on. As you progress both the story, character interactions, and the chance encounters expand in greater detail though. It's like becoming a hero with amnesia, and trying to remember exactly what it is that you should be doing. When the game opens up, and the initial maze encounter ensues along with it's theatrical credits you will find that you have been descended from the heavens into a den of demons. Upon opening your eyes for the first time you are greeted by a frightened mercenary who tells you to RUN! Try as you might though you end up facing your first demon regardless of your attempt to flee the decrepit dungeon-like castle you happened to wind up in.

With the aid of a battle scarred female you stand your ground, and triumphantly capture your first demon with your "Demon Gaze". Little by little things are explained to you by your female savior. The "Demon Gaze" is among the many revelations that are learned during your one-on-one conversations. As the title suggests you are a chosen "Gazer" who has the inherent ability to capture demons with a special ability known as the "Demon Gaze". With this ability you can either be mankind's savior, or use your powers for evil purposes. Lorna, the retired mercenary who saved you hopes that you will aid them in their quest to rid the world of demons instead of the latter choice.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars (PS VITA)

Having had no prior knowledge of the series I was quite surprised to see a strategy-JRPG drama so in-depth, and vast in nature. The developers of this innuendo rich adventure known as "Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars" included an impressively rich background history on all of the characters, and organizations involved. Like a true RPG concepts such as that of good, and evil are also explored, but in a more pseudo-religious tone. While the world outside of Alterra is rarely visited, or mentioned within the game the special heroes, and heroines involved in the fight for good are given a new home in which all of the action takes. These highly ranked young ladies, and gentlemen are each gifted, and personally chosen by the Star God to fight off the growing threat caused by otherworldly inhabitants, and the seven deadly sins. Known, as the Elite these "A-S" Rank students find solace in their social interactions as well is in joined fights, and classmating. While their daily lives are mostly geared towards fighting the good fight these chosen few still have to work on their social skills in order to be prepared for the more sexually suggestive academic activities. Even though classmating may sound bad it affords the would be parents child-like allies which will accompany them in the continuous battles that they face for the sake of the world's population. Hence the title, "Conception II".

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

PS Vita Console Review

I have been so tied up with work on game, and dvd reviews lately that I totally forgot to do a 'PS Vita' review. This is a huge oversight on my part in that I have spent most of my time gaming on the Vita since I bought it late last year. For those of you looking for a proper handheld, and are trying to decide between going for Nintendo's 3DS, or Sony's PS Vita I will try my best to give you all the necessary details to make that decision an easier one. I'm not gonna go the fanboy route, and say that the 3DS is garbage in comparison to the Vita, because the fact is I've never played a 3DS. My goal is simply to give you details on what the PS Vita offers the consumer.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Ed. (PS4/PS VITA)

Tecmo Koei's long lasting Dynasty Warriors franchise has persevered through a handful of console generations, has defied the odds regarding it's niche place in gaming history, and continues to go strong here in the new era of gaming across different continents. It's no surprise to me at all seeing as this particular game series has always offered the richest content ever seen within a single game release. Just as the battles that you face within the game are grand in scale you will also find that the in-game offerings are just as epic, if not more so. Things like a well established historical record that is fully documented, shared, and grounded in a true-to-life timeline within the game's content heavy menus are just a scratch on the surface of what you'll find when you get into the latest Dynasty Warriors adventure. There's plenty of faux historic characters to play as, plenty of weapons to collect, and plenty of extras to unlock as you face off against tyrants, or become a tyrant yourself.

LuLu Says Stay Tuned!

LuLu the unofficial Foo Dog of the great LuBu says get your copy of the PS4 game "Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Ed." today, or suffer the consequences of being left wanting. She gives the game four paws up, and says stay tuned for OtakuDante's review of the game which is coming soon! ...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Deception IV: Blood Ties (PS3 & PS VITA)

Rarely ever does a gamer get to fulfill the role of an absolute evil character. Usually there's some sort of hero out to end the evildoer's reign of terror, and bring peace to whatever kingdom it is that they hail from. In the case of "Deception IV: Blood Ties" you'll be taking on the role of a very special femme fatale with such an evil persona. This scantily clad demoness of whom I speak is none other than the Devil's daughter herself. She is literally a living part of the master of darkness's soul, and as such has inherited his evil nature. Along with the aid of three other female demons this lady of the damned aims to resurrect her father by collecting twelve holy verses from the descendants of twelve fabled saints who locked him away in his own unholy dungeon in the first place. This biblical-like scenario is anything but "good" though. As the Devil's daughter (Laegrinna) you'll either succeed in your quest to end mankind's reign, or fail in the process.