Thursday, May 29, 2014

Monster Monpiece: "Network Mode Explained" (PS VITA)

Due to the severe length of my main review I opted to leave out a detailed description of Monster Monpiece's "Network" mode. Being the thorough journalist that I am I felt bad in doing so though. As such I'm going to take the time in this follow-up article to explain what the "Network" mode entails, and how battles actually function online (Wifi 3G). Keep in mind I will not be able to go over the local Ad Hoc multiplayer though as I have no friends, or family who own the game. Once again I do apologize for the lack of this info earlier on, and hope you can forgive me for not giving you all of the details the first time around.

Monster Monpiece (PS Vita)

Idea Factory, and Compile Heart team up to bring us lucky US citizens a mature, and unique card battle experience like no other. This game that bares the namesake, "Monster Monpiece" deals with the judgment of mankind which was dished out in two punishment phases via earth penetrating pillars known as the "Hammer of God". In the first punishment phase God unleashed monsters upon Yafanir to kill off the human race entirely for their continuous misdeeds, and in the second phase of punishment the monsters who were sent to do God's bidding in the first place were ultimately trapped inside some of the human's bodies forcing them to live at less that full power, because of their disobedience.

The story contained within the game's main campaign also takes in account the coexistence of the two races who were once mutual enemies. It addresses the joining forces of the monster race now known as "Monster Girls", and the remaining humans who try to withstand God's wrath while finding a peaceful understanding. In order to once again make merry with the man upstairs the gifted human students join forces with Monster Girls of different academies to right the wrongs which their races have committed via a special card battle system. In teams of two these human girls, and their monster girl partners battle against the "Lost (Evil Monster Girls)" on a 7x3 grid with HQ (Headquarters) on either side. It is in this virtual battlefield where victory means everything, and failure is not an option.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

GameStop PowerUp Rewards - "Mystery Grab Bag May 2014"

For those of you GameStop patrons who still shop at the store, and still redeem your PowerUp Rewards points for prizes I have a little sneak peek just for you. During my latest amassing of rewards points I chose to get the "Mystery Grab Bag" prize for May 2014. I've seen the Mystery Grab Bag offered for quite some time now, and have been dying to see what such a prize entails. I was curious as to if the prize cost would be equal to the prize point value of what was contained inside, or if it would be a much better deal. I'm sure some of you were wondering the same thing, so without further adieu let us get into what May's Mystery Grab Bag has gifted me ...

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Street Fighter's Impact On Me As A Gamer

Growing up in a household where entertainment based violence was greatly frowned upon, and where the christian ways were constantly being forced upon me caused me to miss out on many of the late 80's, and 90's more mature game releases (Including "TEEN" rated games). Sure I got to play plenty of superhero oriented games, and sure I even got to play games like the first "Double Dragon" on the NES, but I always found myself envying those kids whose parents didn't mind them playing games that were violent in nature. It wasn't until my 16th birthday, in the era of the Sega Genesis that I was finally able to convince my mother to buy me my first ever fighting game. That game of course was "Street Fighter II: Championship Ed.". It took some serious begging, and pleading, but I eventually got my point across, and scored the game for my birthday.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4)

Based on an alternate historical timeline in which the Nazis gain global control "Wolfenstein: The New Order" aims to put you in the boots of a Polish-American soldier named, 'B.J. Blazkowicz' who has a personal grudge against a certain Nazi surgeon gone mad. In the year 1946 B.J. joins the world war against the Nazis along with a fellow squadron pilot, and assisting company of soldiers. Unfortunately in the events to follow their pursuit B.J. and his brothers in arms end up falling short of killing 'Deathhead', and botch their mission indefinitely. During his infiltration of Deathhead's fortress B.J. ends up losing some of his comrades, sacrifices one for the sake of another, and winds up taking shrapnel to the head ultimately putting him in an aware, but immobile state. His untimely coma causes him to lose 14 years of his life, and has him sitting helpless in a mental institution that's governed by the Nazis themselves. Upon awakening B.J. escapes in a murderous killing spree along with the nurse who cared for him. Together with the help of 'Anya (The Nurse)', B.J. makes plans with various other individuals to find the remaining resistance fighters who would stand up against the Nazi's now global domination, and set them free. When, and if he succeeds in freeing the resistance of their bonds you can be damned sure B.J. Blazkowicz will give those Nazi bastards "what for"!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

God of War Collection (PS VITA)

For those of you who have either been living under a rock, or are new to the gaming scene you can now enjoy the brutal goodness of Sony's first two "God of War" games on the "PS Vita" for a fraction of the cost of what the original games initially sold for. The two part collection which is basically a collectively emulated port of the first two PS2 releases comes complete with all the hidden secrets, cutscenes, and God of War action that one could desire. Kratos' story, including that of his origin, and his fight against/for the Gods of Olympus can now be experienced in a scaled down version that is complimented with remapped controls that are designed to make the playthrough on the Vita an easier, and more viable experience.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Drakengard 3 (PS3)

In the beginning of this Hack 'n Slash JRPG prequel by Square Enix we find a fantastical land divided by chaos, and a populous overburdened with the conflicts of war. It isn't until the five divine female Intoners (songstresses) descend from the heavens, and calm the warring civilians with their song that true peace is finally realized. Unfortunately for the five Intoners, and their newly devoted worldly followers a sixth Intoner by the name of "Zero" arrives abruptly on the scene shortly thereafter ready to kill her fellow Intoner sisters, and rule the world as she sees fit. It is Zero's story that is being told for the duration of the game, and it is through her actions, and reactions that we slowly come to understand why it is she is doing what she's doing. The bloody revenge plot that ensues is filled with a Tarantino style kill frenzy, 'Devil May Cry' combat mechanics, and a comedic nature that takes in account over-the-top sexual innuendo as well as some mature trash talk not meant for younger ears. Zero, her faithful dragons, and her soon to be disciples will ultimately delve deep into a callous, and emotional story of pure bloodshed coating themselves with the crimson stain of those who would dare stand in their way.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW - 40" Sanyo E-LED 1080p HDTV (Sam's Club)

This particular review came about as the HDTV in question was bought by a close relative of mine. The fact that said product was of significant cost, and did not last hardly a year needed to be addressed for any future HDTV shoppers out there who might stumble across this same television. What is included in the following review is facts based on observations made of family actions, reactions, and inquiries dealing with their purchase and attempted product return. I also personally hooked up the HDTV, and saw it's state decline as the months passed, because my grandmother stays with me, and the television itself is in my house ...

In early - mid 2013 my mother went to the local Sam's Club to buy an HDTV for her own mother (my Grandmother). She was looking for the best deal, and the best HDTV that she could afford. It just so happened Sam's Club had a deal on a 40" Sanyo HDTV. The end cost was about $400, or more when the tax was figured into the pricing. She purchased the television with no extra warranty thinking that it would last for a good while before going bad. The previous Samsung HDTV that we had bought from the same Sam's Club was after all still going strong. After purchasing the pricey television she brought it to me, so I could set it up for my grandmother. I hooked everything up as directed by the manual, and set the settings the way they were meant to be set. For the next several months, and only 50+ hours of use the once impressively working HDTV began to show signs of major malfunctions.

Friday, May 16, 2014

My First Pokemon Experience EVAR!!!

Believe it, or not members of the gaming community, but I have personally never played a Pokemon game until just recently. Years have passed me by, and I have watched the internet go ablaze with the rumors, and release dates of new Pokemon games, new Pokemon cards, and new Pokemon cartoons. Absolutely none of it interested me whatsoever though. Even the glimpse I got of one of the cartoon episodes during my niece, and nephew's visitation did not impress me. I felt that Pokemon was like "Call of Duty". It was a mindless trap for youngsters, and grown @$$ idiots to throw away their hard earned money on. Those were my initial thoughts. After getting a 3DS recently, and not having a decent game to play on it though I chose to get one of the latest Pokemon games regardless of my lack of interest in the series. The game I ended up choosing was "Pokemon Y". Probably because it was red in color, and dealt with an epic fire Pokemon. Gotta love the hellish things in life. Am I Right?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi (PS3)

Whether we want to acknowledge it, or not the world of gaming was built upon a gender biased foundation. Game developers either exploit the human anatomy in order to make characters such as that of females more appealing to a male audience, or take a purely girly approach not taking in account the fact that female gamers would love to see a strong willed female protagonist. There's even the fact that there are gamers who are gay who would be willing to support games more if only their own gender preference was deemed as important as everyone else's. I think in a haphazard sort of way Aksys Game's/Ideal Factory's "Hakuoki" series actually goes out of their way to provide such an outlet for both the female audience, and gay gamers alike. With a shojo artistic style, and a story geared towards giving the feminine characters an empowering voice the game sheds a unique light on the samurai era. One that's unlike any other. Not only does it contain plenty of historically true elements in it's fictitious storyline, but the game also includes a romantic nature with some reverse harem activity for the gamers who are into that sort of thing. While it is geared more towards a female, or gay audience you might find as I did that it's enjoyable regardless of it's feminine appeal.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mugen Souls Z (PS3)

Spanning across multiple universes, and multiple world groupings NISA/Compile Heart aims to continue their wacky series about female gods, demon lords and their quests to rule the multiverse. Having won over the "Seven Shining Worlds" in the last battle against Belleria, the undisputed god of the universe 'Lady Chou-Chou' sets her eyes on an even bigger prize. This prize just so happens to be 12 other worlds ruled by demon lords. During her trek across space with her peons, Belleria, and her hero partner Ryuto, Lady Chou-Chou runs into a once slumbering goddess with a huge rack as well as a recently acknowledged female hero named 'Nao'. Through some interesting events, and a ton of dialogue the unusual group finds themselves in dire need of each other's help. The once powerful, and undisputed goddess Lady Chou-Chou is turned mini-sized compliments of a mishap with Syrma's (The Slumbering Ultimate God) special coffin. The coffin which is meant to recombine the Ultimate Gods into a single form unfortunately drains the power from Lady Chou-Chou, and forces her to side with those she initially wanted to conquer. Thus is the story so far ...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Original Nintendo Game Idea

I know gaming giants, and game developers usually will not take game ideas due to legal issues, but I'm gonna throw this idea out there for the sake of Nintendo. They can do whatever they like with it as it involves their classic Nintendo games. Just know I was the first to suggest it ...

An Open Letter To Nintendo ...

There's no doubt that Nintendo is facing some hard times. There's also no doubt that most of the blame behind these financial declines lies solely with their poor decisions. Even in the face of this looming disaster I can still see hope for the Nintendo brand of gaming though, if only they were to listen to the sound advice being shared. It's due time that Nintendo swallows their pride, and chooses to listen to their diehard fans. There's plenty of well spoken advice going around the internet as well as ideas that could dig Nintendo out of their abysmal hole, but they continue to ignore these words of wisdom, and reasoning. I'm going to share with my readers, and Nintendo some advice that I think could get them back on track with their fan base. It is after all the consumer who made them what they are, and not the developers who created the hardware, or the software. Listen to reason, and you (Nintendo) may once again reign supreme.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Daylight (PS4)

I love horror. Cinematic blood, guts, gore, and scares is all I need in order to be properly entertained. Nothing more, and nothing less. In fact while growing up I've spent most of my teenage, and adult life watching scary movies, and scary television shows for the sole purpose of the thrill it provides. Whether it's a movies about ghostly hauntings, sick individuals, or creatures that nightmares are made from I always find myself returning to them for the scares that they offer. Nothing quite gives you the proper jump start to the heart like a Hollywood horror flick. When it comes to scary video games the same thing could be said. Very rarely does a proper scary video come to fruition though, so you'll understand my anxiousness when I heard that Zombie Studios, and ATLUS were going to release a gaming horror experience that was ever changing.

Being the horror enthusiast that I am I was totally psyched for ATLUS's upcoming randomly generated horror game. Not only do I have a mad love for ATLUS releases, but the thought of them publishing such a game had me anticipating the potential gaming greatness incorporated. The hype was built up from the moment the game was announced, and even I helped build that hype on my blog as well as through various social media outlets. I'm sure some of you even took note of this hype. Building up hype can be a dangerous thing business-wise though. If you build it up too high everyone will expect an "AAA" title, and will not give it mercy when they experience if for themselves. Such is the case of "Daylight".

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle (PS3)

Encompassing several years of Jojo's manga material, artwork, and an unusual assortment of Jojo's characters "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle" takes 3D fighting games to new heights of lunacy. The game itself offers a virtual cornucopia of content ranging from your standard arcade fighting experience to a campaign mode in which epic battles unlock greater things for those characters you have gained during your story mode playthrough. Unlike traditional fighting games that are somewhat grounded in modern-day, or past time reality you'll find that this particular fighter is so "over-the-top", and wacky that nothing really makes a whole lot of sense. From vampires to bloodline curses, and even serial killers Jojo's All-star battle will take you to the edge of insanity, and drop you off the deep end with the odd mixture of fights contained within. There's plenty of characters to learn, various new playing styles, and several modes of offline, and online entertainment for your gaming pleasure. The question that remains though is, "How does it do in comparison to other fighting games?".