Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Connection Is Not Sh*te, Get It Right!

Here's a blog post going out to all you hacker non-believers, and all you connection naysayers. It's time to put rumors to rest. Contrary to popular belief, as you are about to find out, My connection is always a full 4-5 bars depending upon the game. The only exception I know of is in "Persona 4 Arena" lobbies due to the connection offset that happens when joining a lobby of foreign, or distant origin. In most cases it's either a 2-3 bar connection status due to this netcode anamoly in that particular online experience. Even with said connection stat differences 99% of my online P4A matches play out as if on a 4 bar connection which is the best in the online P4A lobbies. Of course if you'd like video proof via some recorded matches of P4A I'd be happy to oblige sometime during this coming week. Without further adieu though, sit back & brace yourselves, because you are about to get educated!

My PC Connection Status As Of 4:30 PM EST Today

My Full 4 Bar Connection In Black Ops II (PS3) This Evening (Name At Bottom)
My Full 4 Bar Connection in MK9 (PS3) This Evening
5 Green Dots to the Right, Full 5 Dot Connection, Blacklight Retribution (PS4)
Top, Full 4 Bar Connection/Ping "INJUSTICE" (PS4)

If you need more proof I'd be glad to present it to you, but I think this is enough. My connection is not sh*te, get it right (Damn, I'm brilliant! I should patent a T-Shirt design with that logo!). Anyways, I told you so :)

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