Sunday, August 6, 2017

What The Inferno Offers You (Follow Up)

If you took at least a glance at my view capture from my Google+ page, and then checked my Google analytics of today you'd probably be scratching your head wondering how the hell over 3 million page views up, and disappeared like a fart in the wind? I personally cannot figure it out, but do have an idea as to how it ended up this way. Shortly after using my Google+ views as a credible reference Google removed completely the view count from everyone's Google+ page. At that point in time my view count on my Google+ page, which mirrored my blog with review posts, was nearing the 4 million views mark. Also around that time I began calling PR into account for their misdeeds, and sharing my thoughts about the crookedness of industry practices. Fast forward a couple of years past the removal of Google+ view counts, and Google+ itself no longer shows my review posts. This could be attributed to the hard to use site UI, and my inability to set settings right, or it could be the site's push to further obscure me in the shadows of the internet while making me look less as popular as I once was. I think my step into politics may have hit some raw nerves as I don't shy away from telling the truth.

Personally, I believe I've become a target for silencing. Do I believe my posts aren't being read? Nope. It's simply an attempt to discredit me, and make it a struggle for me to stay active, and motivated to do what it is that I've always done. That being an outspoken member of the growing community which I am a current part of. Screen captures don't lie, and if you believe numbers don't lie then the numbers in that screen capture should hold true. I think at the end of the day I have a couple of choices. Do I cave in, and disappear, or do I keep on doing what I do. To that I say I will continue being an active part of the community regardless of how hard those who wish to obscure me from plain view try to obscure me. I'm not going away. If anything it pushes me to beat the odds, and fight for what is right.

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