Why Choose The Inferno?

Welcome to the Inferno! My mission here is a twofold objective. I aim to give the reader insight worth reading, and I hope to impress the industry enough to be able to keep on posting such articles. While there have been some hiccups in the past regarding metrics, and analytics I have been working hard to not only make this blog more appealing, but also a proper source of information that would inspire everyone to return, participate, and share my passion for the many hobbies I cover. If you are a long time supporter, thank you so much for sticking around! If you are new I hope you find my work, and industry expertise of value. If you are a PR looking to help out with review material I could always use your help, and would greatly appreciate it. I take review codes for games, and will also review shipped physical products. Feel free to contact me about any requests. I will respond promptly, and professionally.

Review History (Sites I've Reviewed/Review for):
- www.movieset.com
- realotakugamer.com
- www.xblaratings.com

You can contact me via my Twitter account, or Email:

Twitter: @OtakuDante

Email: otakudante1134@gmail.com