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The year is 2017, and there's an air of uncertainty in the world. Here at the Inferno that fact is no different. My goals, and ambitions remain the same as they have from the start though fulfilling those dreams may or may not become a trying task this new year. I will try my best to provide content on a regular basis, and will continue seeking out review opportunities regardless of what life might throw in my direction. As always you'll find that if you are a console game developer/publisher (PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, 3DS) I am open for review requests. I cover everything from indies to retail 'Triple A' releases, and have done so for over five years now. So long as you provide the review material I can provide the review.

Other things I'm willing to review, and showcase include artbooks, graphic novels, manga, anime, books (Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror), music CDs (Heavy Metal, Rock, Techno ...), DVD Movies (Horror, Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Animation, Foreign ...), and collectibles (Figures, Statues ...).

I am also looking for a new artist to feature on a monthly basis. Preferably a seasoned artist who can provide new photos of their art worth sharing each month. I can include your artist bio if you provide one via email as well as any site links associated with your work. I really want to showcase something different that does not align with the works of every other artist out there. The more original the better. I do favor paintings, and drawings, but will consider other types of art for display.

Here's to hope, and a better year! To work, and work relationships! I hope you stick around as there will be new content soon!

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Twitter: @OtakuDante