Hobby Highlight (Jan. 2018)

Each month I'll post photos of some hobby related purchases that I made. They may be of comic books, toys or even video games ...

Nano MetalFigs: Street Fighter

Nano MetalFigs are a poor man's hobby choice. By that I mean they are one of the more affordable collectible toys you'll find today. The die cast figures which come in a decent assortment of characters, and series cost 99 cents each. That's on par with the Hot Wheels cars of yesteryear. You'll find comic book, and movie related Nano MetalFigs at your local Targets superstore as well as video game themed ones such as the Street Fighter series shown above. While they are tiny, and often times poorly painted the company behind the toys takes the product seriously, and sells them both individually, and in bundled packages much like Hot Wheels does with their cars. They even sell a brand name display case for free standing figures you've opened up. I personally liked the figures enough to pick up nearly the entire series of Street Fighter. I'm only missing Zangief and Guile, which I unfortunately forgot to get. If you like affordable collectibles the Nan Metalfigs might be worth picking up. If however you like finer quality collectibles you might want to pass even at the bargain price.

POP! Vinyl: The Grady Twins

I've been slacking on my POP! Vinyl collecting these days, but when I saw this exclusive Targets bundle I had to get it. I'm a fan of 'The Shining', and these two young ghostly ladies are about as iconic as it gets when it comes to memorable moments from the film. Of course Gamestop across the ways from Targets was selling Jack Torrance, Wendy Torrance, and Danny Torrance individually as well, but they did not stand out as being unique enough to add to my collection. The paint job as usual was meh, but I'm glad to have them.