Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chain Crusher Enhanced Version *Update/Stand Alone*

I just recieved an email from a developer friend of mine (Micky G. Albert) about an upcoming update on their XBLIG title 'Chain Crusher'. The following is a part of the email I recieved:

~ Chain Crusher Enhanced Version ~

Title: Chain Crusher (Chain Crusher Enhanced Version)
Platform: Xbox Live Indie Games
Price: 400 Microsoft Points (Free upgrade for those who have already purchased Chain Crusher)

Planned Release Date: Late November 2011

Mindware Corp. has released an updated version to Chain Crusher, which adds several features to the original version that launched on August 31, 2011. Customers who have already purchased Chain Crusher may update free of charge.
   This version is automatically downloaded for customers who have just purchased Chain Crusher.

Two New Game Modes Added
     New enemy characters have been added, along with a new game mode that includes remixed stages.
     Chain Crusher’s signature chained explosions can now be made much longer than those of the original version, and the explosions have been enhanced to be more exciting.

The old Chain Crusher has also been included as Ancestor Game mode.

Online Ranking Added (Xbox LIVE Gold Membership required)
     Online ranking has been added due to popular demand.

Three New Tracks from the Immensely Popular Trance Group Logic Bomb
     There are now six tracks in total, including the three from the original Chain Crusher.
     With each track’s average download price of $0.99 from, this makes the cost of the entire game a bargain.
     Chain Crusher Enhanced Version also includes a Music Mode for enjoying this amazing soundtrack, with each song averaging four minutes in length.

16 AWARDS Included!
     16 AWARDS have been included to provide small goals for every player!
     While Xbox Indie Games cannot have Achievement Awards that contribute to a player’s Gamerscore like those found in store-bought games and titles released for Xbox LIVE Arcade, Chain Crusher Enhanced Version now has unique AWARDS in addition to high scores.
Mikito Ichikawa aka Micky G. Albert

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