Weekly Poetry For The Soul!!!

In this page you will find some copyrighted, and published poetry of my own. All by 'Brad Carver' ...

World War III

Standing at attention the soldiers to fall
Nation by nation at borders, and walls
They fight for justice, for food, and for thought
by the end of it all though it will all be for nought
For the financial wheels that turn the cogs of time
hold true to no reason other than crime
crime against humanity, and the elite that it serves
my pity to all who are thrown to the curb
Those innocent millions who are the true victims of war
led by the few who couldn't care less or even more
Will the fight truly end with this war labeled three
or will the conflict consume us all with it's greed?

Brad Carver ~ April 11, 2017

The Information Super Highway

Paved eternally through code an context lies a highway wrought with misinformation

A digital manifestation of thought, and motive forever burdened by ideals of others

Whom does this this route serve, and for what purpose should we drive it's course

The folly, and futility of force fed data so consumed, and corrupted that it's no longer pure

The truth is no doubt somewhere out there amid the binary void

Who is worthy of deciphering it, or calling it to attention though? 

For we were born into it's domain

Birthed into an electronic ecosystem so vast and incomprehensible it's -
a fool's errand to even consider trying to sift through fact and fiction

Where does it all end?

This road of intellect, and idiocy so expansive, and never-ending?

Is it worth the trip to see the destination at the end, or is there even an end to it at all?

What does it serve mankind to understand the meekness of it's existence in -
comparison to all that surrounds it?

Both in cyberspace, and in starlit darkness beyond the reality of the world that humanity inhabits.

Brad Carver ~ April 18, 2017 

The What, When, Where & Why

What is life? 

It is but a brief passing moment amid an eternity of bodies never made whole,

thoughts never completed, and dreams never fulfilled

When will it all end?

Though it is definitive by nature that which is done cannot be undone

Therefore life in it's futility will forever bow in servitude to the clock that ticks time away,

and holds individuals forever frozen in the absence of said measurement

Where will life take us?

The answers are many, but the end journey never really clear

Life's many paths, though wrought with intent direction, and misdirection -

do not intersect or stretch beyond the boundaries of the unknown

For in the unknown nothing is as it was in the here, and now

Why live at all?

Perhaps for curiosity's sake? we as humans are such curious creatures after all

Always trying to understand the world around us, but never fully so

If anything the chance to figure it all out, no matter how minute that chance may be, 

is worth the effort if but one of us can relay to the others what it all means.

Bradley Carver ~ April 24, 2017

The Road Not Tread

Worry not the threats of the road not tread
Follow closely the signs of the path instead
The forks require but a moment's thought
Lest ye be lost to what you sought
Heed the warnings ahead of you
Steady your pace, and walk on through
The end, as it were is within sight
That journey's goal, the tunnel's light.

Bradley Carver ~ May 1, 2017 

Wisdom Flees the Foolish

Foolishness revels in stupidity's lies
forever ignorant below the skies
Though seemingly smart to the foolish few
the truth never comes from the things that they knew
They are lost so deeply in the pits of wanting for more
but too lacking in knowledge to knock at wisdom's door
Satisfied with what they think they know
the words that pour from their mouths so foolishly flow
Will they ever find that which they seek?
Wisdom often flees from those who are meek.

Bradley Carver ~ May 12, 2017

Seeking the Tree of Knowledge

Knowledge, that precious resource so burdened with falsehood and uncertainty

We know what we know yet we don't really know anything for certain

Grasping at metaphorical straws for an explanation of the here, and now

Desperately clinging to old tales, legends, and lore for something of substance

Were we not born into this reality though?

Who are we to say what is or isn't so?

Petty is our plight, our struggle for understanding

For what does it benefit one to know anything if everything is but -

a diluted version of itself flowing from a fabricated fount of information - 

through the wayward river that runs from it?

What folly it is to wonder about things gone by when that which was set -

into motion has taken a stranglehold on any potential awakening

What would one even do if they were fully woke to the origin of their existence?

Would it not be an event so humbling that any step onward would -

be burdened by no reason to go forward?

For in knowing everything what else would be left to learn?

Is it not the curiosity of the world around us that drives our every motivation?

Is it not what drives us to create, and to dream?

How utterly horrific it must be to be an all knowing god with nothing -

to do but watch as everything known comes to fruition in painstakingly slow -


Brad Carver ~ May 15, 2017 

School is Cool

School is cool
It's cold as ice
Fills your head with lies,
and your hair with lice

Brad Carver ~ (Twitter Knows 2017) 

The End Of It All

Bow your head, and weep no more, and wipe your tears away
The day is done, and the end has begun as death is on it's way
You fought though not for the good in the world, and so it shall prevail
All that's left in the silence now is the sirens as they wail
Brace yourselves to reap what's sown in the world that's lost to all
As angels once did we all will now suffer to endure a fall.

Brad Carver ~ June 5, 2017

Beauty Within & Beauty Without

The beauty within shines proper, and fair
While the beauty without is superficially snared
Though age brings with it wrinkles, flaws, and wear
The beauty within does not give a care
For with purity does a beautiful soul endure
So righteously sustained, and so wholly pure
All that is certain, and what is for sure
is that the scale with which beauty is weighed is not so obscure
You'll find beauty in the simplest of things
In the places, and people, and the songs that they sing
You can even find it in symbolic rings
The sort that are exchanged as the wedding bell dings.
As flesh gives way to bone and to dust 
The beauty within still in passing does entrust -
it's beautiful presence in those who don't lust -
for the superficial beauty that rots with it's rust. 

Bradley Carver ~ June 12, 2017 


The ludicrous notion of feelings before fact
has the righteous so cornered, and helpless to attack
Is hope so lost that said notion is for nought -
or should we push back with all that we've got? 
What does our future hold if good men fail to fight -
that which is wrong instead of that which is right?
One thing is for certain, and it's not what you want to hear,
but our future is lost if we can't make it clear.

Brad Carver ~ June 20, 2017

A Fool & His Fortune

A fool who's fortune is so poisoned by pride
can one second be fleeting as if by the tide
It's one thing to have when others have not,
but if you are greedy you don't have a lot
For the wealth of the world is limited by stock
The sort which you can buy, but not when it's blocked
With limited resources gold becomes for nought
It is then that the fight for survival is the fight that is fought. 
Who loses out, and who wins the war -
will be the greatest in number, the once forgotten poor.

Brad Carver ~ July 2, 2017

 Charon's Obol for the Filthy Rich

Forsaken for seeking a pitiful prize
All wrought with the festering dealings of cheating and lies 
The wealth you've amassed at the cost of your soul
will pay the price at the end for the ferryman's toll
When death finally has it's way with your life, 
and the struggles for more that were once burdened with strife -
are no longer yours alone to bear -
will have your heart on a scale weighed justly and fair
Though likely not in your favor will the final verdict fall,
but instead from the depths of darkness your name shall it call
That serpent of Eden with it's hissing forked tongue 
from which the greed you indulged in did originate from
Thus from the cradle to the grave, and to the great beyond shall you go
providing you comfort no more, just agony and woe.

Brad Carver ~ July 8, 2017 

The Wayward & The Wicked

Danger dwells in daytime spells
The kind that bewitch the fools
For in the darkness of said magic there
lies the plans, and the human tools
Plans which thwart the progress of peace
and people who do the same
it doesn't take much for the rich in control
to control the willing insane
So heed not that which directs you -
to do that which is right,
instead be weary of that which aims to -
place you within your plight.

Brad Carver ~ July 14, 2017

The Fallen

Social hierarchy has fallen to it's knees in surrender

Submissive eternally to it's captors forever bending to the will of the -

capital punishment being applied, a beheading of those no longer in control

Having forsaken traditional values for fantasy the fools are lost

Holding onto nothing but lies, and fictional identities set into motion -

like a theatrical puppet show, so grand and illusionary that the ones who -

are entranced by it's magic, and hysterics mistaken it for real life

The blurring of lines, and the shades of grey melting together in a misshapen form

A form oozing through the cracks, and crevices of the broken foundation of -

a once sound ancestral structure built upon truths, ethics, and common ground

Nightmarish visions in the form of forsaken children cry out helplessly

Longing desperately for a warm, and loving embrace,

never finding it, but instead being tossed away for the sins of their parents as if -

they matter no more than the ideological, and self-destructive behaviors -

of the social idealists they were birthed from

The less than adult populous that fancy the here and now never thinking twice -

about the repercussion of their actions, and misdeeds -

Nor the impact such might have on their future

That, and the future of their faked social utopian paradise which will -

inevitably collapse under the weight of a lack of morals,

and realistic understanding.

Brad Carver ~ July 17, 2017

Judgement Day

There will come a day when time has worn away -
your life, and left it bare as you grasp for those who care,
but in the light that beckons you, you'll see the darkness eating through
consuming that for which you fought, and all that which you sought
In the silence of your last breath as your presence is snuffed out by death -
you'll stand in judgement for it all as you rise, or as you fall. 

Brad Carver ~ July 25, 2017

The World Is Done (Rap)

As the world goes down the sh*tter I sit here 
Twiddlin' my thumbs as I hum 
to the tune of political cries and people spewing lies,  
and though the end creeps near hope is what I hear, 
which one day will come to pass when humanity has breathed it's last. 

Brad Carver ~ Aug. 8, 2017

What of it?What of us?

As the world teeters on the brink of global upheaval I sit in shock

Shock not of surprise, nor at the fact that the axis of evils continues to tilt things to one extreme, but shock in that I knew it was going to happen while hoping it didn't

How did it come to this? Why did we sit idly by, and let it just happen?

Are we so mesmerized by the utter destruction of our moral standings that we stare in awe incapable of uttering the words that need to be said, or doing the things that need to be done?

Has life truly come to an end in our hearts, minds, and souls finally reaching that staring abyss that has looked us back in the eyes for ages?

Is this the deep breath before that inevitable final exhale?

The exhaustion of every meaningful thing ever in human existence coming to a final climactic end?

A catastrophic collapse so grand in scale that it would dwarf a planet's worth of cries, and screams of horror as nature does it's dirty work in one fell swoop returning the planet to a more primitive state?

What will be left of us if we cannot preserve our legacy, or persevere long enough to rewrite our own ill-guided fate?

Brad Carver ~ Aug. 22, 2017

Keeping Hope Alive

Things are gonna get worse, they'll get bad
but never forget the good things you've had
The relationships built, and held so dear
the comfort you felt in the worst times of fear
Hold onto the hope that tomorrow could be great
and never give into the negative, or hate.

Brad Carver ~ Sept. 15, 2017

The Last Supper

Sing of love
Think of hate
The last supper's soon, so fill thy plate
To the top, fill thy cup
Blood, oh blood
My time is up.

Brad Carver ~ Sept. 15, 2017

Sleeping Dread, Waking Hope

Blip on the radar, that's all that I am
Personality overload in the form of a scam
Twisted notions, of perception and vice
Oh so naughty, and Oh so nice
Intent laden words all laced with doubt
Fear burning within, and the ashes without
I find solace in the simplest of things
The sort of comfort that comes after a scorpion's sting
The pain so deep, yet the hope still there
As my prayers to God sails through the air
Diminished by the rays of the radiant sun
And washed away by the tears of the angels undone
I weep, I kneel, and into the abyss I fall
The darkness that encompasses everything, and all
Awakened in a furious fright
As my eyes open to the most beautiful light
It was a dream! it couldn't be real!
All this dread, all this fear, and all this pain that I did feel
I sit up in bed, ready again for the day
In hopes that the nightmares will not return to stay.

Brad Carver ~ Sept. 21, 2017

The Great I Am

Here I sit, my soul departed 
In the flesh, but not wholehearted
My thoughts to pen, and words to paper
I alone, the world shaper
I see it all, and all I see
The world unfolds in front of me
A canvas all ripe for the masterpiece at hand
Behold! Before you the painting is planned
Strokes of genius, blood, and tears
Splatter the landscape all torn with fears
A static vision of what is to be
So colorfully constrained with misery
An end to a beginning though just begun
The night does fall as the day is done.

Brad Carver ~ Oct. 6, 2017

Calling Out Inaction (A Poem Inspired)

Be wary the consequences of your inaction
When your words to thought lose their traction
Between the heartfelt text against the lies
That amounts to nothing below the skies
If it's only shared, and is not reflected
In the reactions of the feelings source so vicariously dissected
The lack of sufficient motivation for such needed change 
Will fall victim to the causality firing range
So heed the call, if you will
As you swallow down whatever pill 
But in doing so aim to pave the way
Instead of hiding behind words that fail to sway.

Brad Carver ~ Oct. 25, 2017

The Devil In the Details

You think you know me, but you don't
With your warped perception you can't, you won't
The devil in the details for all to see
The great I am
Yeah, that is me

Brad Carver ~ Oct. 25, 2017 

Nibiru Earthquake Apocalypse 2017

Planet Nibiru is coming for you
The tin man, the lion, the scarecrow, and your little dog too
Like fireworks in Kansas on the 4th of July
The failed star that is Nibiru will light up the sky
The earthquake apocalypse will set into motion,
wreaking havoc on the continents from ocean to ocean
The liberals in the west, and the commies to the right
Will all be swallowed by the Earth in one holy sight 
So, heed the warning as science does not lie
The end of your world as it is draws ever more nigh.

- Brad Carver Nov. 6, 2017 

Looking Down

In my absence, dying light

Fading vision, losing sight

Sounds so vivid, echoes there

Voices screaming in the air

Smells of brimstone, gasping breath

Creeping slowly, burning death

In this hell doest angels weep

Your soul to claim, the devil's keep.

- Brad Carver Nov. 29, 2017

Life's Hard Lesson

We build it up to let it fall

To dust and ruin we lose it all

From the cradle down to the grave

We live, we die just as a slave

We never do that which we preach (teach)

The goal, the end is out of reach

Peace in death we will not find

Because we leave in death life's troubles behind.

- Brad Carver Dec. 31, 2017

I'll Gladly Sink Your Ship

I will gladly sink your ship
Like the Titanic take you on a one way trip
Hit that iceberg at breakneck speed
Sow the water with your body just like a seed
Let you slowly sink or swim
While I watch idly by just on a whim
The god or devil of it all
I'm here to make the call
Do you trust me?
I hope you don't
For your sake I hope you won't

- Brad Carver Dec. 14, 2018 (Twitter Original)

The Truth?

From birth unto death we are taught how to feel

How everything in the world around is real

But is it true?

The truth I find in you?

Should we believe this land of make believe?

Taking in things as they are perceived?

I'm not impressed enough though to accept the lies

As I peer longingly at the skies

For answers from up above

Hoping for a God of love

To answer the answers I seek

As I bow humble and meek

But silence does fall

As we continue to heed the call

Of human causes

That never really ever pauses.

- Brad Carver, Feb. 25 2018 

The Fight For What's Right

When what's right is wrong

And hate is the song

On the tongues of the few

The ones that govern you

Will you stand tall

Or not fight at all

As all you hold dear

Is taken away through fear?

- Brad Carver, May 1, 2018