Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Four Winds Fantasy (XBLIG): "A Fantasy RPG That Defies Explanation"

I have reviewed some very "interesting" XBLIG titles in my short time as a reviewer, but none that comes even close in comparing to QuimDung Co., Ltd's (The Developer) debut RPG "Four Winds Fantasy". I'm not even sure I'm going to be able to properly describe what I witnessed when I played this game, but I'm going to give it my best shot ...

Four Winds Fantasy is an RPG that seemed to be entirely created from computer drawings. It has it's own mythology that revolves around a lonely old man who's son has left home. At the opening/loading scene the old man briefly states his situation. It seems that him, and his son were living outside of a gated city as outcasts. The city within the walls which is called "Pao Fanny Hill District (^.^)" is populated by strange alien characters that seemed to have stepped out of a science fiction novel (a sort of Star Wars-like universe). As you begin talking to all of the district's citizens you will notice an odd trend of dialogue about plants going on. It seems that the whole area's focus is on plants, but it isn't until you enter the large cave at the top of the map that things begin to become a little more clear. When you enter the said cave you will immediately realize that the plant life in this RPG are actually various types of creatures which are your enemies in the game. I did not understand the purpose of the cave, but I found that you could whack the plants to death with your cane. I actually laughed when I killed the 'Dookie Crab', and it displayed it's name. It literally looked like a pile of squat with a claw shaped plant coming out of it. Other plants in the game were named things like 'Dududipper', and some asian name that I can't quite recall (^.^). Unfortunately I was never able to kill all of the plants in the cave, or even advance the story. I wasn't sure what to do. I decided to abandon the odd adventure after finding no way to properly understand it

In all honesty I don't know what this game is about due to the absence of any story driven directions. You can talk to the citizens of "Pao Fanny Hill District" all you want, but all you'll get from them is dialogue that's meaning is totally elusive. I read the description of the game on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and it stated that the game was so mysterious that only a genius would understand it. It definitely made me question my IQ after playing it (^.^). The game kind of caught my attention for a little while though. It had an interesting soundtrack, and there were humerous tidbits in the game like finding different types of burgers in garbage cans. The death scene even had it's own brand of humor to add with the drawing of the old man's skull that gasped/wheezed in a hilarious way. I can't honestly suggest this game as a worthy purchase, because I don't fully understand it. The lack of explanation just baffled me.

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