Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who's the Daddy? (XBLIG): "A Hilarious Jab At Underage Pregnancy"

A couple of months back my good friend (or at least I consider him to be ...), and indie developer Jonathan F. of 'Silver Dollar Games' posted one of the most funny XBLIG concepts I had ever seen. The name of that video/game was "Who's the Daddy?", and it wasn't actually meant to be released (according to Jonathan F. himself). I had actually got such a good laugh out of the original video that I suggested to the developer that he should release it on the Xbox Live Marketplace. He informed me that he would try to release it which I was definitely glad to hear that. After a couple of months passed my hopes for the release became a distant thing, but I'm glad to say that 'Silver Dollar Games' went through with it and released "Who's the Daddy?". While it's not one of the most involved XBLIG titles out there it's still worth the 80 msp for the laugh ...

Who's the Daddy? is a simple game that has you guessing who the father of a girl's baby is by narrowing down the possible father from a line-up of some guys' photos. The girl in question had to go through In Vitro Fertilization in order to have a baby since she's too young to do it the old fashioned way. This is a mild version of what the original video trailer showed, but is still quite humorous. As the gamer you must cycle through a row of various photographs of men who might be the girl's baby's daddy. Each round has five short video clips in which the girl in question gives hints as to who the baby's daddy might be. The goal is to eliminate the ones who aren't the daddy (by pressing the 'B' button), and narrow it down to the correct father (the 'A' button). It's an easily played game that uses minimal controls to operate. The game features the option for music, or no music during gameplay as all of the 'Silver Dollar Games' do. The original concept of "Who's the Daddy?" was actually much more blunt than this version of the game, but I imagine 'Silver Dollar Games' had to tone it down a bit for release. The developer still included his signature humor in the game's reality show style intro though.

In the end I was kind of disappointed that 'Silver Dollar Games' had to alter the game from it's original concept. The released version still has some sarcastic humor about it that will no doubt stir up some dirt in the online gaming community, but that I was definitely glad to see. As for me I like the game. Everything about it is still of good indie game quality. It is an indie game, so if you're expecting something grand in scale it's best to look elsewhere. If you're interested in a good laugh, or to show it off to a friend/s for a hilarious reaction then this game is definitely worth the 80 msp. I stand behind 'Silver Dollar Games', and their choice to release this game. If people start censoring everything then this world is going to go downhill quickly.

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