Saturday, January 7, 2012

Trailer Park King Ep.2 (XBLIG): "The Redneck Hijinks Continue"

In early 2011 I reviewed a game titled "Trailer Park King" that was developed by 'Freelance Games' for the XBLIG marketplace. It told an adult oriented tale about a self-proclaimed king of a trailer park community named 'Julian (aka, King)'. The art in the game was all original, and featured some very lovely (and half dressed) ladies. The plot of the first game introduced 'King' and some of his wacky acquaintances. It also told the story of how he got accused as Truck's (the bully) killer, and how he cleared his name. I won't spoil all the details of the first game in case you want to check it out, but it's definitely good for some laughs. I was contacted by 'Freelance Games' about reviewing their sequel to 'Trailer Park King' early this month (Jan. 2012). I gladly accepted, and was excited about finding what kind of trouble 'King' would find himself in this time around.

Tthe sequel to the original 'Trailer Park King' (Trailer Park King Episode 2) takes place after the events of the first game. In the beginning there is a brief flashback/dream sequence where 'Julian (King)' finds out that 'Truck' is actually still alive. He awakes from the dream, and encounters an inception type story. It seems that 'Truck' was alive, but then he died again (and so on ...). From that point on the story becomes an entangled web of mystery involving whether or not 'Truck' is really dead. All of the characters from the original story return in all of their adulterated glory with naughty bits abound. As usual the gamer must investigate the trailer park in point & click style to trigger certain events that progress the story that's being told. You will visit the different trailers as you search for items, and talk to the locals to find answers. There's a lot of hilarious dialogue to enjoy, and it's all complimented with stereotypical voice acting.

The gameplay in 'Trailer Park King Ep. 2' is exactly what you'd expect if you have played the first installment of the series. You will use the (Left Thumbstick) to move that big headed 'Julian (King)' from trailer to trailer. The (A), and (B) buttons are used to interact with objects, and characters throughout the trailer park. The interactive parts of the game can only be accessed in a certain order. The hand shaped cursor in the game will turn black when it passes over something/someone that can be interacted with. This helps the gamer get the full effect of the story without making the search fro what to do next a difficult task. The game is really simple to control, and features little action other than the controller/dialogue based interactions, and one mini-game. It's a game that's meant to be enjoyed by an adult audience for humor purposes, and not much else.

In conclusion I found 'Trailer Park King Ep.2' to be a very entertaining game. It didn't last too long before I made it to a "To Be Continued ..." screen, but it definitely had it's hilarious moments. If you liked how the first game went then you'll definitely like the direction the developer took with this installment. I would say that the second episode definitely had more humorous adult oriented dialogue than the first. There was also a good bit of bad language involved, so this game is definitely geared towards a mature audience. I was secretly hoping to see porn flash up on 'Julian's (King's)' television, but it didn't happen (^.^). If you've played the first game you'll have an idea what I'm talking about ... Overall I found this game worthy of the points the developer was asking for (if your 18+ ^.^). It offered a very funny adult oriented story that could easily be compared to the "Bill & Ted's ..." movies. If you're an adult gamer looking for a good laugh then the 'Trailer Park King' series is definitely worth adding to your game library.

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