Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cloudberry Kingdom (XBLIG): "Upcoming $1,000 Contest!!!"

I have just received an email from 'Pwnee Studios' concerning one of the biggest prizes related to an XBLIG title! The contest in question will take place once the game is released in early Spring. It seems that 'Pwnee Studios' is searching for the greatest platformer gamer of all time ("Platformer god"). In order to prove your worth, and win the $1,000 prize you will need to be the first gamer to complete "Cloudberry Kingdom" on it's hardest difficulty setting. After you do so you will need to upload the replay via an in-game feature. I will leave you guys & gals a link to this extremely exciting contest so that you can check it out for yourself. I definitely know I'm going to give it a shot, and I hope you do as well. Best of luck to anyone who enters!

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