Thursday, March 1, 2012

Angry Fish: Deep Sea (XBLIG): "The Kittehs Have Taken To The Sea & The Angry Fish Are In Pursuit ... Again!"

Last year I got the chance to review FrozenSoft's XBLIG release of "Angry Fish". It was a fun, but flawed game (gravity/physic issues, lag ...) that scored some rather good ratings. After I did my playthrough, and review of "Angry Fish" I thought I'd be through with the series, but behold the developer released a sequel to the game! I was honestly reluctant to review it considering I didn't see much of a difference other than the visual locales, and the kitties with aqua suits. I figured my review of such a game would be kind of redundant in nature seeing that there wasn't much new to talk about. Regardless of this concern I decided to tackle the review. What I found was a new plot, different locales, new visuals, and possibly new obstacles/features ...

Angry Fish's intro/plot unfolds with some panel art that reveals the abduction of the Angry Fish's spawn/eggs by their kitty adversaries. It features artwork similar to that of the previous installment of the series. Since the game was dubbed "Deep Sea" most of the kamikaze style fishy fragging takes place beneath the waves. There are also some locales that take place just above the water such as the dock level. As usual it is your duty to obliterate your feline foes by launching your fishy buddies (via cannon) through a variety of materials (steel, stone, glass ...) eventually reaching your targets. You have a decent selection of different fish species in which to take the kitties out with (explosive fish, shock wave fish, bomb dropping fish, speed fish, bowl of guppies ...). How well you utilize your fish supply is the key to racking up major points/ranks as well as completing the task/s at hand. Correctly judging the amount of launch TNT (D.Pad), the angle trajectory, and it's point of impact will ultimately decided whether you have to repeat the current stage/level you find yourself in or if you'll be able to sojourn on.

There's not much I can go over concerning the controls in the game since they are basically the same as in the first game. I will say that the controls are easy to pick up on, but dealing with screen movement becomes quite bothersome at times. In fact I honestly believe the game was overly complicated, and could have been made much simpler if the developer had opted to make the screen reset to the launch position immediately after the fish hit their target and the damage was done. With that being said the game does look a little more polished up than the first "Angry Fish" game. I noticed that the level designs were multi-layered with each given layer moving separately. I may have also noticed some new fish types when doing my playthrough as well, but I'm not 100% sure since I haven't played the original "Angry Fish" in a long while. As for the obstacle layouts, they are pretty much what you've come to expect if you've played an "Angry Fish", or "Angry Birds" game. This time around I think there are a lot more puzzle oriented stages/levels that require a good bit of thinking though. In total there are 63 stages in 3 different level tiers. Each level tier has 21 stages in total that get progressively more difficult as you advance.

In conclusion I found "Angry Fish: Deep Sea" to be somewhat better than the previous installment of the series. Once again the game wasn't without flaws. In fact I noticed some lag still going on. The good news is that the wacky game physics that were going on with the previous "Angry Fish" game are no longer present in this game. I definitely liked the multi-layered look of the levels within "Angry Fish: Deep Sea". Those details may have been present in the previous game, but I'm honestly not sure since I haven't revisited the original title since earlier last year. As far as recommending the game goes, it is a decent game that will likely satisfy all of the "Angry Bird" and "Angry Fish" fans out there. If you're looking for something significantly different in the series though you will not find it here. This game plays more like a continuation than an advanced version of the game.

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