Monday, January 28, 2013

Exploding Imp (XBLIG): "Wytchlight's Devilish Indie Platformer"

For those of you just now tuning into my blog you may want to go back, and read my post on Wytchlight's first XBLIG title "Lemmy the Lizard vs The Mecha Eggs". While it has absolutely nothing to do with this latest game release it still reflects what Wytchlight (the developer) is all about. In this latest XBLIG title from Wytchlight we are blessed with yet another very interesting platforming protagonist. The lead character this time around happens to be a devilish little imp named "Guff". For some reason, or another Guff is hellbent on the demise of the fairies, and their land. He aims to destroy all the magical plant life, and turn the mystical land into literal hell via plant destruction. All that stands in his way are the fairies themselves, and other creatures such as gnomes who are willing to lend a helping hand to stop Guff in his tracks. Luckily for Guff he is not without means of offensive combat though. At his disposal is a volatile passing of gas, and the ability to claw, and kick his adversaries into a colorful pile of skeletal remains. You'll find that the fairy flowers scattered throughout the land of the faeries are the source of Guff's gassy attacks. Reaping such plant life will benefit Guff greatly in his mission to rid the world of the pansy critters (otherwise known as faeries), and turn there pretty little world into one hell of a nightmare.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blog Update & Black Ops 2 Custom Emblems

There's been a lot going on in my life this first month of 2013. I've been busy tending to my adult blog, and getting business in order on that side of the spectrum in hopes that it might become as popular as my gaming blog. So far I've secured a lot more contributors, and have gained access to some new adult entertainment options for my blog. I know that has nothing to do with "OtakuDante's Gaming Inferno" directly, but it partially explains the reason why content has been so lacking here. As far as game reviews are concerned I have received some requests from XBLIG devs, but have heard nothing from the higher up devs leaving me to almost abandon my hopes for the future of this blog. My fear is that small time gaming journalists such as myself are not going to be able to get the XBLA, and retail games like we previously were able to in 2012. This can likely be attributed to the boom in gaming blog sites, and to the fact that a lot of the "so called" blog journalists out there were not being legit with their requests. In other words they wanted something for nothing, and devs fell for it. It gives honest, hard working journalists such as myself a bad name, and in turn causes developers not to trust us.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Platformer From Hell (XBLIG): "A Man & His Epic Journey For a Pastrami Sandwich"

If you've followed some of my previous indie platformer reviews you'll know that I'm not a fan of the "Impossible" sub-genre. I find myself agitated enough by the online tomfoolery I encounter on a daily basis that tackling such a game would only irritate me further. Regardless of my stance on such games I still like to give XBLIG titles a proper chance, if they are original enough. I think Hoosier Games' latest "impossible" platformer, "Platformer From Hell" is probably the most original one I've seen thus far. The plot, or background story is so off-the-wall that it pulls you in, and makes you want to try over and over to complete it. Thinking back on my brief playthrough, I never really got angry. I think the unique visual design, and overall look intrigued me enough to do my best. Without going on too much further though let us get into the core of this review ...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Genix (XBLIG): "Xpod Games Starts 2013 Off Right On XBLIG!"

Here it is almost halfway into January of 2013, and I'm a little bit behind on the strong reviewing schedule that I had planned at the end of last year. Thankfully Aimee of Xpod Games contacted me with a request not long ago though. It's not always an easy task gaining games for review, and the fact that my XBL subscription ran out at the beginning of this year didn't help the situation much either. As a dedicated gaming journalist I always appreciate a review request from developers such as Aimee/Xpod Games who have created a such unique game. My thanks goes out to Aimee, and the staff at Xpod Games for hooking me up with this Awesome indie title. It's not often that I am blessed with such a a smooth gaming experience as the one "Genix" provides. In the following paragraphs I will go over what Xpod Games' hybrid shmup "Genix" is all about as well as my thoughts, and opinions about the game. I hope you enjoy the read, and that it is as inviting as my previous reviews. Welcome to the new year my friend! May the reviews I provide continue to be plentiful ...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dwarfing the Trolls

By now most of you have heard me voice my opinions about the declining quality of online gaming. I have even commented on some of Youtube's top Trolling channels (SUK, Whiteboy7thst ...) voicing my concerns to the online gaming community in hopes that someone might actually listen. I know that some gamers agree with what I'm saying while others are mindlessly obsessed with the current trend of "Trolling". As a last ditch effort I have devised a plan to thwart the threat of Trolling, and have set it into motion. You'll find that the current feature video on my Youtube channel (otakudante) tells you all about my plans as well as tips on how to deal with Trolls. I have deemed my own trend as "Dwarfing", and have explained it's origins in the description of the video. Below you will find a portion of the description that accompanies my latest Youtube video. It describes methods of "Dwarfing" Trolls, and explains the nature of the trend. Please, for the love of all that is sacred in gaming!!! Spread the word, and get Dwarfing trending for the sake of future gaming generations!

Friday, January 4, 2013

We Made It!!! It's 2013!!!

Greetings to all my readers! I realize I'm a little late in delivering my new years greeting, but I figured it's the best way to let you know my plans for this year. As most of you know I mentioned back in December 2012 that I would possibly be doing PSN reviews as well as the usual Xbox 360 reviews since I got a new PS3 for Christmas. I still plan on following through with that, but at the current time there are no noteworthy PS3, or PSN games being released. In fact I'd go so far as to say the selection of new games for the PS3 pales in comparison to that of Microsoft's Xbox 360. Hopefully things will pick up soon though, because I want to try out delivering some of those PS3/PSN reviews.