Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Additions to the Inferno

If you've taken a look at this blog late last night, or this morning you'll likely have seen the four new page sections added to the top of it. There's "The Sh*t List", "Reader's Art of the Month", "Giveaways & Contests", and "Reader's Reviews". Out of all these new sections only "The Sh*t List" has any content though. That of course will change starting in March. While the "Sh*t List" is a fixture that will be managed only by me you will be able to contribute in two different ways on two of the other pages, and will even get the opportunity to win some giveaways/contests on occasion. The first way you can contribute is by emailing me some of your own game related art. This will be a monthly feature, so whoever I pick to represent that month will have their work on display until the following month arrives.

Secondly if you want to do a game review, and get your month's worth of recognition here on my blog you can submit your critique to me via email. Like the art I will pick one of the submissions to represent the month, and it will stay up until next month arrives. I can add links, and your social media info if you like as well. Other journalists are also welcome to submit reviews, and I'll be glad to include a link to your site, and social media info should you feel like contributing.

As for as the "Giveaways & Contests" go they will happen more sporadically, and only when I have an extra code to give away, or some extra cash where I can go buy a gift card/game card. I have to warn you though I'm not one to give away freebies in an easy manner. You will have to put some effort in, especially if you want to win something I paid for out of pocket.

If you ever want to contact me about providing a review for the month, or about submitting artwork for the month there is a clickable link to my email in the "CONTACT" section. I do hope that you'll choose to add to this blog, and get yourself some recognition amongst the gaming, and art communities. Until next time I bid you farewell!

Your Last Samurai,
Brad (OtakuDante)

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