Tuesday, May 27, 2014

GameStop PowerUp Rewards - "Mystery Grab Bag May 2014"

For those of you GameStop patrons who still shop at the store, and still redeem your PowerUp Rewards points for prizes I have a little sneak peek just for you. During my latest amassing of rewards points I chose to get the "Mystery Grab Bag" prize for May 2014. I've seen the Mystery Grab Bag offered for quite some time now, and have been dying to see what such a prize entails. I was curious as to if the prize cost would be equal to the prize point value of what was contained inside, or if it would be a much better deal. I'm sure some of you were wondering the same thing, so without further adieu let us get into what May's Mystery Grab Bag has gifted me ...

In May 2014's Mystery Bag which cost me a total of 11,640 PowerUp Rewards points I got four interesting mid-range items (4,000 - 6,000+ in value ea.). These items included a recently listed "Call of Duty: Black Ops II" baseball cap, a vinyl Batman shield slap bracelet, what seems to be a Mario watch of unknown origin, and an Adventure Time vinyl bag tag featuring the main character. As far as point pricing goes I found the Black Ops II cap to be valued at 6,900 points, and the Batman slap bracelet at 6,990. These two items alone pay for the price of the grab bag. The other two items that are left are purely icing on the cake. This of course puts to rest any doubt that the monthly Mystery Grab Bag is definitely a better purchase than buying a single item at point face value. Who knows, you might actually score something even cooler than what I got in my package. One thing's for sure though, this type of "Lootcrate" experience would definitely make for a good Youtube unboxing video (Hint - Hint). Enjoy the following photos of my prizes, and feel free to comment as usual!


  1. I still have some points and I guess I will go ahead and use mine to get some stuff.

    1. The monthly grab bag is definitely the better deal to go for, but if you spot an exclusive item you'd definitely like to have I'd go for it instead. I've scored a Ouija Board hinge wallet, and a Jubei BlazBlue plushie before. You just have to keep returning to the site for updates.


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