Friday, May 16, 2014

My First Pokemon Experience EVAR!!!

Believe it, or not members of the gaming community, but I have personally never played a Pokemon game until just recently. Years have passed me by, and I have watched the internet go ablaze with the rumors, and release dates of new Pokemon games, new Pokemon cards, and new Pokemon cartoons. Absolutely none of it interested me whatsoever though. Even the glimpse I got of one of the cartoon episodes during my niece, and nephew's visitation did not impress me. I felt that Pokemon was like "Call of Duty". It was a mindless trap for youngsters, and grown @$$ idiots to throw away their hard earned money on. Those were my initial thoughts. After getting a 3DS recently, and not having a decent game to play on it though I chose to get one of the latest Pokemon games regardless of my lack of interest in the series. The game I ended up choosing was "Pokemon Y". Probably because it was red in color, and dealt with an epic fire Pokemon. Gotta love the hellish things in life. Am I Right?

Anyways, I get the game home, pop it into my Charcoal Black 3DS (which was starving for attention), and low & behold I fall in mindlessly love with it. The graphics, the simpleton RPG storyline, and the easy to understand battle system had my undivided attention. Like so many gamers before me I fell into Nintendo's wondrous, and addictive Pokemon trap. It was like I was on the catching end of a pokeball. Those digital monster sobs had captured my soul, and locked it away inside a gosh darn vending machine bubble. Every evening since I got the game I've been playing it like clockwork as if summoned by a ghostly Pokemon trainer. I was hooked like a kid watching anime for the very first time.

To this day I'm still enjoying the heck out of "Pokemon Y". I've gotten 3 badges, and am making my way across the Pokemon world talking to cloned characters, conquering fellow trainers, taking their hard earned Yen, and nabbing demonic pocket monsters just to have them do my bidding. As the catchphrase goes I feel like it is my life's duty to "Catch'em All". I've gotta catch all of those demonic Pokemon bastards, so I can feel accomplished. Becoming the best Pokemon trainer in the world is my goal.

Just kidding, Lol! Honestly though I did fall in love with the game, and play it every day. I had never dreamed a game based on such a simple premise could be so fun (and addictive O_o). The latest games in the series look, sound, and play wonderfully. I was actually impressed at how expansive the game actually was. You definitely get your money's worth in regards to what you can do, and collect. One could invest a lifetime completing a single Pokemon game to perfection. Well, maybe not a lifetime, but you get my point. I think I'm definitely gonna be getting Pokemon games from here on out, and may even buy some past DS releases. All I can say is "Way to go Nintendo! You've won over another soul!".

- Brad Carver (OtakuDante)

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