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POP! Vinyl / POP! Rocks - "Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len" (FUNKO)

In December of 2007, as the Vocaloid phenomenon continued to evolve Crypton Future Media, Inc. decided to take their Vocaloid2 engine a step further, and introduce a new musical concept using two voicebanks instead of the usual one. The concept was to combine both a female, and male voicebank along with the usual synthesized sounds. Ultimately the Kagamine twins, as they have come to be known were created, and given the names "Rin (Female)", and "Len (Male)". These names were inspired, and given accordingly in regards to their Vocaloid voice actress Asami Shimoda's fond childhood memory of two similar characters' names (Ken & Rin) which originated from the "Hokuto no Ken / Fist of the North Star" anime/manga series. The "Kagamine" portion of their namesake came from the code development terms "Kagami (Mirror)", and "Ne (Sound)" which also kept true to Len, and Rin's twin-like nature. As with prior Vocaloid traditions the twins were also given an age, amongst other life details. Their age which was mutually shared was '14', and reflected their young appearances. The original illustrator of Rin, and Len (KEI) incorporated details that are seen on both "POP! Vinyl" versions of the characters. These details include a YAMAHA KX5 on the back of Len, and their boots which sport a YAMAHA EOS inspired design amongst other things.


Staying true to KEI's character illustrations the finished 'Kagamine Len' mold carries with it Len's trademark appearance. Len's hair remains it's signature yellow color, and certain details on his cyber, and non-cyber clothing articles carry with them an identical yellow paint. On his back is Len's signature YAMAHA KX5 keyboard done up in a simplified yet effective manner. As far as the cyber armlets go they were kept true to Len's introduction art upgrade, and sport a blue light detail instead of the original green. The cyber equipment that covers a good portion of Len's arms, and legs are dark grey in color with the exception of his boots/shoes which are of a lighter grey. Both the main part of his shirt, and his headset are painted white with the additional paint colors separated decently.

Compared to the 'Hatsune Miku' figure the 'Kagamine Len' that I got had a slightly flawed nature about it when it came to paint application. There was nothing noticeable at a distance, but upon closer inspection there were some signs of hand applied paint due to the occasional tiny mistake. The yellow stripe applied to the lower part of the dark grey shorts had a slight issue in that the grey paint could be seen through the semi-transparent yellow in one or two slightly noticeable places. With that being said the figure is not bad by any means. Considering the price, and the fact that the painted details were mostly flawless makes it more than worth the $9.99 price tag. Continuing on ...

Details I have yet to mention in greater detail include Len's small brush-like ponytail which is tied off at the top part of his head with a painted white band, and the dark grey YAMAHA KX5 keyboard which is attached firmly to Len's back. Keeping true to the keyboard's design the keys are divided neatly by black, and white paint respectively. As far as Len's shirt goes it is designed a lot like a traditional Japanese schoolboy's outfit with a flanged grey collar, and a yellow tie that matches his hair color. The shirt also has painted yellow stripes at the bottom of each sleeve as well as at the bottom of the body of the shirt. The strap holding the keyboard to Len's body comes across the front of his shirt in a diagonal manner from left to right, and is raised on top of the shirt itself. The strap's color is the same as all of the other yellow details on Len.  

Compared to Hatsune Miku's "POP! Vinyl" body, Len's body is slightly thicker in build making him seem more boyish in appearance. His stocky stature also helps him to balance easily when taken out of the package, and stood up on his two feet. It should also be noted that the bottom of his shoes sport that signature yellow color, and a makers stamp with black numbers, and letters. Unlike the 'Hatsune Miku', and 'Kagamine Rin' figures which are sporting a red "01", and "02" Act marks respectively, Len does not have such a mark on his body. When it comes to standing up the Len figure he is well balanced regardless of his body, and head proportions.

The measurements in regards to the Kagamine Len 'POP! Vinyl' reflect an overall height that stands at 4.5 inches tall with his stylish front bangs included in said measurement. His body stands at 2 inches tall alone, and his head, with hair accounted for stands at 2.5 inches in height. Head width measures at 3 inches from side to side with his bangs accounted for. When it comes down to the applied paint job it seems to be partially applied by airbrush, and partially applied by hand. The overall paint job has a satin/matte finish that compliments the toy design quite nicely. Kagamine Len's "POP! Vinyl / POP! Rocks" collector's number is "38".


As with the 'Kagamine Len' "POP! Vinyl" figure the 'Kagamine Rin' tribute figure also carries with it all of the original illustrator's design details. Kagamine Rin, which is figure number "37" in the "POP! Rocks" series maintains the same color scheme as her virtual twin. Her hair is painted the same color yellow as are various details of her attire, and her headset. When it comes to clothing articles Rin is sporting a white frilly tank top version of the traditional Japanese school uniform. It features the dark grey flanged collar with yellow striping, similar to that of Len's, but looks completely different at the same time. It also has a protruding bow at it's center which is also painted in the twin's signature yellow color.

Rin's cyber anklets, and armlets don their signature YAMAHA EOS inspiration with dark grey paint, and the blue light detail. Yellow borders are also added to each end of the cyber armlets, and anklets for a more intricate design. Rin, like Len is wearing a dark grey pair of short shorts. The only difference is that her's is sporting yellow accents including a yellow belt, and a hanging yellow strap. Rin's shoes are a lighter color grey on top, and the bottom of her shoes/boots are also yellow like Len's. In Rin's right hand, which is outstretched to the side is a small cordless microphone which is painted silver. A silver that is unique to the Rin figure. Other silver painted details includes four hair clips in her curvy bangs. On top of her head sits a stylish white bow which is thick, and curvy itself. Rin's bow sits at the front edge of her hair just before the white band of the headset. The headset itself has details of silver, and yellow in the form of circles, squares, and rectangles. On Rin's exposed left arm is the "Act2" number, "O2". On her left cyber boot is a series of black circular details that are almost arranged in the form of a paw print.

When it comes to quality Rin's applied paint colors were perfectly done. I found no flaws at all, and everything was within the line. Like Len, Rin sported a satin paint finish that was applied through an airbrushed, and brushed on technique. The only glossy paint that was applied was on the silver details that were unique to the Rin "POP! Vinyl" figure.

The measurements of the "POP! Vinyl" Kagamine Rin figure are as follows. Rin stands at a little over 4.5 inches in height when her bow is factored in. Her body remains at the 2 inch mark, and her head at a little under 3 inches high if you don't count her hanging hair details that are shoulder length. With the spreaded lower hair width factored in Rin's head width is just a little over 3 inches wide. Like the other Vocaloid "POP! Vinyl" figures the Kagamine Rin figure's head can be turned for a different facing pose. The head is actually the only articulation point of any of the Vocaloid figures I have reviewed. The same goes for the Kagamine Len figure, and the Hatsune Miku figure.

As far as figure balance is concerned the Kagamine Rin figure stands quite nicely on it's on, especially when on a perfectly flat surface such as that of a computer desk. With overall quality factored in the Kagamine Rin "POP! Vinyl" figure is very much worth the $9.99 asking price. I'd suggest getting it along with the Kagamine Len figure for collection purposes. Owning one Kagamine figure without the other breaks that twin spirit/soul that was intended when the two characters became a part of the Vocaloid universe.

Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len & Kagamine Rin all Thank You for stopping by! Sayonara! ^.~*

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