Wednesday, June 4, 2014

USFIV Hackers: "Fact or Fiction?"

It bothers me when people do not take me for my word about Street Fighter hackers. There have been hackers, and lagswitchers in the game since the vanilla SF4. In fact I remember having to call up Sony personally to report a hack when I had my first PS3 (before the infamous hacking incident). The player who had hacked the match I was in in SF4, took total control of my PS3, and forced me to spectate a mirror match in which I had no control of my Vega. The real sh*t kicker was that he had even changed the color of my Vega's outfit before making me spectate the match. Needless to say hacks, and hackers do exist in fighting games such as that of the SF4 series whether you want to stay ignorant about it, or not. Today while playing some USFIV (Ultra Street Fighter IV) I noticed something odd pointing to the presence of such hackers in the ranked lobby I was trying to join. I'm here today to share some photos that I took of the lobby to let you decide whether, or not hacking was involved. As for me I personally think the coincidence definitely points to hacking. That is me though.

Since the day I picked up, and played USFIV in the "NETWORK" lobbies I have noticed that the ranked lobbies have had the occasional duplicates of certain players' PSN IDs. Clicking on the gamer's PSN ID usually reveals low trophy earnings, and the absence of an avatar. It should also be noted that said players only have fighting game trophies. Of course the proof is in the pudding though, so I'll go ahead, and reveal the screenshot photos I took of to duplicate players, and their PSN IDs. Enjoy!

This photo is a zoomed out view of the "RANKED MATCH" lobby featuring one of the before mentioned duplicate lobby players (I-kef_I).

This is the PSN ID, and trophy stats of "I-kef-I". Note the lack of an avatar, the small trophy count, and the fighting game oriented trophies.

This is another "RANKED MATCH" lobby photo showing yet another duplicate PSN ID (luckydragonp).

Again, notice the generic avatar-less PSN ID with a low amount of trophies, and fighting game trophies. This time it is luckydragonp's PSN ID though. Notice the similarities? I did.

Keep in mind that "RANKED MATCH" lobbies are not part of the "ONLINE TRAINING" mode. Now factor in the uncanny resemblances of the duplicate PSN ID phenomenon. What do you think? That is the question. Feel free to leave a comment. Trolls' comments will be immediately removed, or never published though.

Your Last Samurai,


  1. People make duplicate names all the time. It's easy to do with L's and I's. They will use an uppercase i and a lower case L to make it seem like they are duplicate names, but they aren't. I know this for a fact because people did it all the time in GunZ the duel to keep opponent's confused and use others as decoys while they heal, it is just something friends do in this game. If you look it up with different combinations, I'm sure you'll find two different names.

    People do hack and lag sometimes, but you seem to say this is the case on EVERY game.

    The reason you will see more people with new account on PS3 compared to Xbox 360 is because PS3 accounts let you get online for free. So people make as many accounts as they want because they do not have to worry about a subscription like gold.

  2. Also, sometimes it creates unintentional duplicates of names e_e;

  3. I hate to tell you Rok, but your explanation does not fly in the case of these two sets of duplicate accounts. In both sets trophies obtained were the same as were the number of trophies. They are duplicates. As for me calling everyone a hacker & a lagswitcher that is not the case. I often times congratulate gamers on a gg even when there is lag involved. Ask "totsushimasu" next time you are on your friend's PS3. I fully understand the difference between lag, and lagswitching. Tell me Rok, do you have a PS3? Have you played fighting games in my house on my PS3? Until you do you don't have a clue as to what I'm experiencing.

    As for the "Accidental" creation of duplicate accounts I have never in a fighting game seen an instance of such. Not on the 360, and not on the PS3.


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