Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Five Dollar Flick Giveaways"

In the "Future Review" section of my blog's right side bar you will now notice a listing for a "Five Dollar Flick - Limitless" DVD review. I've talked it over with a friend, and have decided that each month (assuming people actually try to win) I'm going to make a trip to the local Walmart, pick up a $5 DVD, review it, and then give it away. I intend on always picking out something worthwhile, and not some half-assed production. This month's DVD, which is pretty darn good in my opinion, will be "Limitless" starring 'Bradley Cooper', and 'Robert De Niro'. I actually happened to watch the first half of the movie on cable, and know personally from what I've seen that it's a good movie. Even with my past viewing though I will have to go back, and rewatch it via the dvd, so I can deliver a proper review to you. After that I'll decide exactly how I'll give it away. Nothing is concrete as of yet. I am open to suggestions.

In past held contests/giveaways I have come to realize that most of my readers aren't willing to even put in the slightest effort to win a prize. Not the slightest. This in itself kind of has me in an iffy state of mind. If this giveaway succeeds, and if people actually enter you might see bigger, and better prizes from me down the road. I've always wanted to give back to my readers, but if they don't care enough about winning a prize to try and win them then I'll stop holding giveaways, and contests altogether.That's just the way it is.

Since I'm living on a tight budget I figure a $5 Walmart bin DVD is the perfect starting point to test whether, or not you are willing to participate. One thing I do have to mention in regards to the prize, and the shipping costs though is that everything is coming out of my own funds. As such I'm unfortunately limited to only shipping within the continental United States. I'm fully aware that I have friends, followers, and readers overseas, but with my tight budget I'm not able to ship anything your way atm due to high shipping costs. If I can find a way to order something of a similar cost from Amazon in the future, and am able to ship it at a similar rate I might do that. For now though the prizes are only for readers living in the US.

Feel free to leave me comments on any ideas you might have in regards to how I should pick a winner. I want the giveaway to be fair, and as simple as possible. My hope is that in making it an easy to enter, but fair giveaway more people will be inclined to try for the prizes I offer. As I said earlier, if this giveaway experiment goes well then everyone could possibly see even greater prize opportunities in the future. I'm counting on you guys & gals to make this happen!

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