Monday, July 21, 2014

MTG 2015 Core Set is here!!!

I know I'm super late getting this article posting out to you guys, and that all of your regular MTG enthusiasts have already covered the latest series with unboxings, booster pack openings, and what not. Even so I though I'd go ahead, and support the one TCG that I have mad respect for. For those of you who follow MTG (Magic the Gathering) closely you will know that the latest 'Duels of the Planeswalkers' game released on a variety of different gaming formats not too long ago. Among those gaming consoles, and mobile devices were the iPad, PC (Steam), Xbox 360, Android, and Kindle Fire. Of course Xbox One players will also be getting their turn at the game a little later this Summer. Where does that leave us Playstation players? Sh*t out of luck. That's where. Yes, I'm a little butthurt by Stainless Games', and Wizards of the Coast's decision to leave out the Playstation players. It's just wrong. I personally think it was a bad decision, and that they could have made more money had they at least released it on the PS4 as well. Regardless of that fact, PS faithfuls who love MTG can still nab the 2015 cards which come in the usual pack, and deck varieties.

The MTG 2015 core set, which is a first of it's kind features 269 newly designed black bordered cards including randomly inserted premium versions of each card, and cards that were designed by 14 of the gaming industries "Luminaries (whatever the hell that means?)". Amongst the gaming artistry you'll find cards designed by the likes of 'George Fan (Plants vs Zombies)', Stone Librande (Sim City & Diablo 3)', and 'Brian Fargo (The Bard's Tale)' amongst others. For those of you who are interested you'll find that the latest MTG 2015 cards come in the usual packaging such as boosters, Intro Packs, Fat Packs, and Clash Packs. I'm fairly certain you'll also be able to find some pre-constructed decks, or themed decks from the series as well.

If I can get out to Walmart sometime next month I'll try to pick up something from the MTG 2015 offerings, so I can do a review, or perhaps even a video unboxing for you guys. I hope that you give this latest series a try in both the TCG format, and the video game formats. MTG is an awesome TCG (Trading Card Game) that features amazing art, and fun duels if you happen to have actual people to play it with. The video game also affords the MTG faithful a similar experience as the playing the card version of the game, but allows them to play in the comfort of their own home, and with players who also play the same game online. Either way it's a game not to be missed. I just hope that Stainless Games, and Wizards of the Coast wakes up from their mobile device, and Microsoft stupor soon, and choose to include us Playstation 4 owners in their latest release of the "Magic the Gathering' as well.

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