Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Meaning of Life, an Epiphany

The Meaning of Life, an Epiphany

By Bradley Carver

The longer I think about life, and humanity's purpose in the grand scheme of things the more I realize that we, as a species were destined to bring about our own demise. It's a rather simple concept to grasp once you give it some thought ...

As part of the ever expanding human race we work our entire lives to live by mankind's laws, and principles. We never really gain true freedom, and merely go through the same life cycle as those before us. Be born, grow up, work for a living, make babies, raise said children, and eventually die is all we ever really accomplish. It's the same series of life patterns over, and over again. We could do so much more with our lives yet we suffice with instilling the same laws, and principles on our children that were instilled upon us. Religion included. We are truly bound by what mankind dictates life should be as a result of this inherited mindset.

Have you ever noticed that as we grow up relationships, whether they be sexual, or not are pushed upon us? What we find attractive in others is essentially what the people before us have found to be attractive, and what they taught us as a society to look for. Everything about sexual/social attraction was, and is a learned, and embedded part of a social upbringing. We merely desire what looks good to us in life, and want what would be in our best interest to obtain. It's the natural order of things. With sex, and the resulting births come the added potential that one day we might actually see a tyrant walk the earth, and lead the human race down a path of ultimate destruction. Sex, as such was not a tool designed to preserve mankind, but was instead a tool built to bring about the end of the human race as we know it.

The only way to avoid our untimely demise as an intelligent species, and live up to our full potential as an individual would be for everyone to collectively realize that we as individuals are not living our own lives, but that we instead are living the lives that were laid out for us. Once we realize this fact we can transcend our inherited bonds, and become truly free. Forget about gods, and higher beings wanting the best for us, and realize that all deities throughout time have warned of a life ending war that they started. No religion in the history of the human species has ever pointed towards a peaceful end, and has never began with one. If we want peace, and we want the most out of our life we will have to break free from the laws that bind us.

- Bradley Carver, 7/27/2014

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