Sunday, August 3, 2014

Godzilla 60th Anniversary - "King Caesar"

Back in the 80's, and 90's when I was still a young lad I would often times venture to the local video rental store with my brothers, and family to rent a VHS Godzilla flick. We loved watching the old B&W films as well as the more modern in-color releases like many kids did back then. Heck going to the video rental store was a treat in itself. Looking back at those past experiences I do pity those who missed that golden age of video rentals, and Godzilla movies. The experience of browsing the rental shelves, and looking at the VHS cover art was a worthwhile experience. Sadly over the years both Godzilla, and the VHS rental places became a memory of the past that most would merely reflect on from time to time. It wasn't until the modern-day US Godzilla remakes debuted that the king of monsters once again made himself known to the US movie goers. Sadly even in his return the newer Godzilla still did not capture as much attention as he did back in his glory days. With the release of the new film (2014) though also came the usual merchandise, and toys as one might expect. Like many other companies looking to capitalize on the 2014 remake's hype Bandai also decided to release a "Godzilla 60th Anniversary" toy series of their own that took in account creatures from past Godzilla films ...

The 6 inch figures from Bandai's "Godzilla 60th Anniversary" collection ultimately held true to old Godzilla toys of the past with similar paint jobs, plastic molds, and creatures that most Godzilla fans would recognize. Among the collection were a few Godzilla figures, and some of his more unique onscreen adversaries. The figures were molded of hard, but hollow plastic, and came complete with a cardboard stand that reflected the Japanese Godzilla posters of old. The going retail price for one such figure would set you back $10.99 plus tax, but I was personally fortunate enough to find one of the less desirable figures for a mere $3.28 at the local TARGETs store.

The figure I ended up getting was the half mammal/half reptile "King Caesar". He was sort of bronzed in color with painted yellow highlights to give him a lion-like, or Foo Dog appearance. As far as articulation goes King Caesar does seem to be positionable at various points on his body. At the elbows, for example you can turn the outstretched arms further outward. His midsection also seems to be able to be turned as do his legs, at the hip. Overall the figure is quite nice when remaining attached to it's simple cardboard display stand. For those of you who are true Godzilla enthusiasts you'll find that "King Caesar" is definitely one of the cooler looking Godzilla enemies. Even with all the Godzilla movies I've watched I honestly cannot remember seeing Godzilla fight King Caesar though. It may have been one of the more obscure Godzilla films I never got to. Regardless of that fact the "King Caesar" figure is definitely not one to miss out on.

If you shop at TARGETs like I do you might be able to find one of Bandai's "Godzilla 60th Anniversary" figures for cheap yourself. When it comes to collecting figures of any sort it's always wise to shop smart, and get the best deal possible. Search online, and search in stores, because you'll never know what you might find otherwise.

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