Thursday, August 21, 2014

Recent Events, Scheduled Reviews & USFIV Prize Codes!

If you've not been following my recent Twitter activity you'll more than likely not have a clue as to why no new reviews have been posted yet. As it turns out last Thursday I was taken completely offline, and I do mean completely offline. The tech guy who came in to check things out believed it was the router that was the issue, but I'm leaning more towards a hacker attack. Anyways, after getting a new router I had to spend the entire weekend, and the beginning of the this week rebooting my PC to factory settings, and re-downloading all of Microsoft's Windows updates. It was a disheartening fiasco that left me clueless to the world's social status, but I sojourned on, and did what needed to be done in order to get back online, and back to work ...

When I did finally get everything sorted out I came to the realization that I would have to do some serious catching up in regards to upcoming, and promised reviews. Having requested multiple games for this month, and the coming months you can likely imagine the backlog of playthroughs, and reviews that are currently bearing down on me. On the positive side of things I usually make quick work of playthroughs, and reviews, but will need to dedicate most of my time the rest of this month to knocking everything out. Both my gaming blog, and adult dvd blog's reputations are at stake, and I cannot let my years of hard work go down the sh*tter. As such you can bet your bottom dollar more reviews are coming from your's truly soon. I want to thank each, and everyone of you who have stuck with me during my extended offline days. You are the reason I continue doing what I do, and for that I shall never waver in my dedication to bringing you the quality reviews that you seek.

In different news ... I was able to track down all of the current USFIV (Ultra Street Fighter IV) Prize Codes for all you fighting game fans. The codes I have will work on all console versions of the game, and will reward the gamer with new titles for use within the game. Consider it my treat to the fighting game community, and to those Street fighter faithfuls who have stuck with the series as I have. I will do my best to keep you informed on new Prize Codes as they become available. Be sure to check back to this posting for updates!


Absolute Drama - W0ZSV5SYW2ZEEJ

Best Combo - 82SPR56FW3JX48

Better Luck Next Time! - M42OLW0IHGLGMJ

Breath of Summer - H3EO9O5MZTCMLQ

Cheers! - 0QLBUU3LB7R8WO

Justice till the End - 1H98PF2079P43T

Pro Animator - T9N4MH7IIHT3R0

Skillful Brother - 277B47IFXCUUXB

Angry Dog - LPTPV4J9PMLW5B

Capcom Fighter -8TGIXJVLEKEHG8

Chocolate-Chip Cookie - 2592B6JIV6CR49

*NOTE*: "Be sure to input these prize codes in USFIV's "Player Data" portion of the main in-game menu. You will find a "Prize Code" section within the "Player Data" menu. Also the little (0's) are Zeros, and the big (O's) are O's. Just a little FYI. Blogger doesn't want to represent the numbers correctly for some reason."

Your Last Samurai,
Brad Carver (OtakuDante)

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