Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Destiny (PS4) - Thoughts & Opinions + Clan Details

Hello all ye Destiny enthusiasts! Welcome to my official thoughts, opinions, and clan recruitment article! As many of you likely know by now I'm deep into my first Destiny playthrough on the PS4. In fact I'm rank 23 at the moment. As far as character classes go I chose to go with the hunter class from the start, and have not regretted my choice since. While I have run into some issues along the way regarding gameplay I have found the game to be a mostly pleasant experience. My only complaints lie with the ridiculously hard boss fights that are only hard, because of the swarms of re-spawning lesser enemies that appear, and the fact that some of the designed in-game terrain can cause issues when you are attempting to get away from the fray for some health recovery. Other than that everything is peachy king.

When it comes to game, and genre comparison you'll find that if you've ever played Borderlands you'll have a good idea as to what type of game Destiny is. While it does have some signature HALO FPS action, some CoD bits, and some Borderlands style RPG elements the game does good to stand on it's own two metaphorical feet though. You'll be taking on repeated co-op missions with your three man/woman fireteam across a handful of planets including Earth, the Moon, Venus, and Mars in hopes of scoring better equipment for your custom created character. Once you level up through consecutive playthroughs you'll also unlock a multiplayer mode known as the 'Crucible' in which you'll find some CoD-like modes as well as some competitive modes more akin to the HALO experience. Whether you like co-op games, or like going all out in the competitive sense you'll more than likely find yourself enjoying what Destiny has to offer. One thing to keep in mind when playing Destiny is that the good things come to those who wait, namely those who get to rank 20, or beyond with their chosen character.

When it comes to playing Destiny getting the most out of your experience will definitely depend on how you approach the game's offerings. First, and foremost it is imperative that you complete the main story missions on each of the planets as they are unlocked, and that you complete the side-missions, and strike missions when you can. Doing so will give you the armor, and weapon upgrades needed to enjoy the Crucible multiplayer as well as other aspects of the Destiny experience. By taking on the 'Patrol' missions on each planet you'll be able to farm (collect multiples of) various marks that tie-in with Destiny merchants/alliances, materials, and equipment in the form of engrams. The patrol missions, while repetitive will ultimately enhance your overall experience through it's many enhancement opportunities. You'll find that each planet has standard level based co-op missions, co-op side-missions, strike missions (boss fights), and patrol missions with rank requirements set in place. When tackling any of the game objective co-op gameplay it is always best that you have a team to tag along. While you can manage a solo playthrough 60% of the time the other 40% of the time it's going to be a fool's errand to do so. Just remember that.

As far as my thoughts, and opinions go I found the game to be good, but not good in the way a CoD, or traditional FPS gamer would deem it to be. It is more, or less like an MMORPG where players from across the world will be playing on the same maps as you are while completing their own objectives. You will be spending a lot of time level grinding as you would in an RPG, but it's not something to complain about. The equipment, and ranking system is rewarding enough to make repeat playthroughs worthwhile. The fact that you'll get to spend time online with friends makes it even more enjoyable. Once you're through with the core story you can rest easy knowing that more story related DLC is on it's way, and that the multiplayer can be just as rewarding as the core modes of play. Despite it's repetitive nature Destiny is still a fun game at heart, and is one that is visually impressive on next-gen consoles. If you've been holding out for that truly next-gen PS4 experience Destiny is that game. It pushes boundaries on so many levels, and the applied mechanics work better than some games I've played in similar genres.

SAMURAI SAVIORS (Clan Recruitment)

For those of you who are curious Destiny has in place a clan system that runs on the internet through the official bungie website. You can create, and join clans which can then be managed online as you see fit. The accepting, and booting of clan members is very much an option supposing you are an administrative team leader as well. Whether you choose to join a clan, or create your own it is best that you have someone you can turn to when trying to complete special events, and other difficult areas in the game. Speaking of that You'll find that I have setup a clan of my own, and have prepped it to go should anyone be willing to join. It is open to readers, followers, and friends who are "Mature". Feel free to join up if you like. Just know that my goal as a team leader is to keep things fun above all else. I believe that while reaching the top spot in the game's ranks is a good goal it's always better to have fun when doing so. So, if you are looking for a Destiny clan to join on the PS4, and are 18+ years of age I have a clan named 'SAMURAI SAVIORS" ready just for you. I only ask that you keep things BS free, and that you do not troll other players. Should you be willing to abide by those rules I'll let you in. You'll find a link to my clan page below. I hope to hear from you soon!


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