Saturday, March 28, 2015

Destiny of Spirits Shutting Down In June 2015

This morning I turned on my PS Vita to get my daily dose of "Destiny of Spirits", and found some disheartening news regarding it's service. It seems that the game in it's entirety will be shutting down, and will be no longer accessible come a scheduled day in June of this year. I have personally invested a sh*t ton of hours into the game, and have currently amassed a collection of 153 spirits mostly comprised of SR's and R's. Hearing the bad news really put a damper on things, and has unfortunately turned me away from playing the game any longer. I feel rather let down that the game did not last all that long, and that the hours, weeks, days, and months I've invested in it will be for naught. I feel pity on those who bought spirit orb DLC as their monetary investment will also be snuffed out.

As far as the game itself goes I've been addicted to it since launch, and have played it rather religiously. I've always thought that it was the prime example of what a free-to-play game should be. Instead of forcing the gamer to pay up for DLC to get the more rare spirits for the in-game lottery Japan Studios made it so that there were easy ways around it if the player were only to log in daily. I suppose the distraction of other games, and the loss of dedicated players may have played a role in the game's demise. The developers may also have hit a brick wall in the way of providing new content, or may not be able to afford to keep the servers and maintenance running. Whatever the case may be I will definitely miss this PS Vita gem. I just hope that Japan Studios, and it's co-producers don't give up on their free-to-play vision, and that perhaps they bring a more permanent version of the game to gamers who have invested their time and money into it. If not maybe they can up the ante, and make an all new experience that is as captivating as this one. One can only hope.

Destiny of Spirits RIP: March 2014 - June 2015

"Soon to be gone, but not forgotten ..."

- Brad Carver (OtakuDante)

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