Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March's Comic Book Pick-ups

My collection is slowly increasing each month. I blame my dedication to gaming, and the expenses therein on the slow incline. I guess it's good that I'm gaining back my comic book collection though. Anyways, last week I once again took a trip to the local "Area 52" to see what new number ones, and series offerings they had in stock. At first I was going to just pick up series follow-ups that I had begun collecting from issue one, but a chance encounter with a female store patron clued me into the fact that the store had some variant covers of the latest Darth Vader spin-off, so I nabbed a couple pricey issues limiting my follow-up purchases to a single issue of "Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. #3", and the first issue of IMAGE's "Defender" on top of everything else. I do wish I had more money to spend on comics, but sadly gaming is a frontrunner for my monthly spending.

When it comes to Hellboy I'm a diehard fan of the series, and the latest B.P.R.D. spin-off that takes the series back to it's roots is pretty darn cool. I love the cover art as usual, and hope to hell I can keep up with the mini-series on my strict monthly budget. I think there is also another ongoing series spin-off of Hellboy going on at the same time as well called "Hell on Earth". I had wanted to pick the two issues I saw of it up as well, but as I said the Darth Vader variants had my undivided attention.

As far as IMAGE's "Defender #1" goes I picked it up for two reasons. One reason is tied to the fact that the cover image of the cyborg boy reminds me a lot of that movie "A.I." which I actually found interesting. Secondly the title itself had my curiosity drawn in as it reminds me of a certain video game shoot 'em up. I've yet to open it up, and read it due to busy work, but hopefully I can do that soon. The cover art was Awesome, btw!

Next up are my two "Darth Vader #1" variants. While I am proud of one of the purchases I feel Area 52's manager hiked up one of the issues prices just for the sake of profit. It kind of pissed me off after I got home, and did my research on the different covers. As far as the action figure cover goes it was right on dollar value with it's cost. Hopefully it's value will increase as the newest Star Wars movie draws closer to release. I do hope so ...

Skottie Young "Darth Vader #1" Variant

Action Figure "Darth Vader #1" Variant
Well, that's it for this month's pick-ups. Hopefully I won't spend all my extra income on gaming next month, and can pick up something else to share aside from the comic book for the "Monthly Mystery Comic Giveaway".

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