Tuesday, April 21, 2015

MTG Legacy Collection - Chandra Nalaar (FUNKO)

Funko toys have been super busy branching out, and capturing various video game, film, and book related characters with their noteworthy toy molds. This ever growing list of quality toys includes, but is not limited to "The Ghostbusters", "The Nightmare Before Christmas", "Diablo", and "Magic the Gathering" amongst many others. It's hard to keep up with all that's offered, but there is definitely a lot to choose from in regards to standard, and limited edition variations. As for me I've picked up a figure here, and there that interest me. I've bought Batman POP! Vinyls, Attack on Titan POP! Vinyls, and even have some Hatsune Miku POP! Vinyls. Upon seeing the MTG Funko POPs, and their action figure spin-offs in the Funko Legacy Collection though I knew I eventually wanted to pick up some up for my growing collection as that is collectible that greatly accents a game I love. For those of you who do not know of the "Legacy Collection" figures they are basically Funko's answer to the McFarlane line of toys. They are well crafted, and usually sport a decent paint job. While the figures don't span as many subjects, or characters as McFarlane's has Funko is building upon what they have to offer, and will no doubt be a mainstream action figure brand in no time. Currently I know of the "Game of Thrones" figures, and the "Magic the Gathering" series which features well known Planeswalkers.

While at Targets recently I was doing some entertainment shopping, and happened to find a discounted Chandra Nalaar MTG Legacy Collection figure within the toy aisles of the store. It was in mint condition, and for whatever reason it was marked down to $5.58. I know from past experience that Targets stores tend to mark down unpopular toys that sit upon their shelves for a long while, and that must have been the case with this figure. As such I lucked up in being able to get one of the two remaining Chandra Nalaar figures for less than what a new POP! Vinyl cost.

The packaging of the Chandra Nalaar MTG Legacy Collection figure is one that really draws in the buyers' attention. It is of good quality with silver lettering, and box art that screams out, "BUY ME!!!". Potential buyers can see the actual figure through the clear plastic encasing that covers a good portion of the front of the box, and can see the figure in full through that provided window. The plastic housing that secures the figure on the inside contains the figure along with any accessory in a movement free encasing. To secure the figure even further the manufacturer has tethered the figure to the plastic housing with wire ties, so that it's not an easy steal for thieves.

In the case of the Chandra Nalaar figure, which stands at a decent height (Maybe 7 in.) you'll see Chandra in her recent 'Duels of the Planeswalkers' garb sporting a look similar to her recent artistic display in the video games of the same name. Her hair is ablaze, and her attached attire reflect a more steampunk version of herself. Beside her, in the plastic housing/casing lies a single fireball which can be placed loosely in one of her two open hands.

Upon opening, and loosing the figure from it's prison you'll feel that a majority of the figure is constructed of a solid plastic while some features like Chandra's waistcoat, and back tube are more rubbery. The paint stays true to the artistic vision of the artist who created her. You'll find blended colors in a fiery range as well as a light flesh color for her skin parts. The artisan who added paint details to the figure also painted on eye, and lip color details to give Chandra a more realistic, and "true to the original" appearance.

In the way of articulation, or movement this particular figure is rather unorthodox in build. The ankles each have pegged joints for adjusting the feet, The elbows are jointed in a similar fashion, the upper part of the arms can rotate horizontally to make the lower arms face more outward, and the knees can each bend as well due to the peg-based build. The only thing that is stationary is the head which cannot rotate, or move in any way. As far as posing, and standing the figure outside of the box goes it will stand steady on it's own two feet, and can balance quite well with the loose fireball placed in one of Chandra's cupping hands.

For $5.58 plus tax I can say in all honesty that I got a heck of a deal. I thought I had seen these figures selling for around $14.99 each, and to get it a such a discounted price was a pleasant surprise. As far as quality goes the Chandra Nalaar figure isn't absolute perfection, but it is constructed well, and holds up quite nicely when out of the box. MTG fans, and action figure fans will no doubt like this Planeswalker based action figure series, and the Chandra Nalaar figure which I've just described. I personally hope I'm able to find the other characters in the series for an equally discounted price as I'd love to have them all!

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