Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Conspiracy Corner - "Hacktivists, Activists & the Common People"

Welcome to the premiere article of a series discussion I like to call "Conspiracy Corner". I know most return readers will be baffled by the inclusion of such a topic, but bare with me as this does have something to do with gaming, if slightly so ...

As a "Commoner" we all know that hacktivists, and activists are making the front page news of various journalistic outlets more, and more often these days. In fact said individuals mold, and shape the online structure of the internet, gaming, and other online oriented activities through their actions. By this I mean that what they do dictates the laws that go into effect afterwards as a result of their cyber crimes. It's these laws that pull the legal noose ever so tighter with each, and every misdeed for the common people. The odd thing about all of this is that the major hacktivists, and activists rarely ever make the prime time televised news, and for some reason never get caught. With the NS@ in place spying on the "Commoner" why can't they catch a criminal hiding amongst the scripts of the internet? What if I were to say to you that all of this may be a devilish scheme to gain full control of all freedoms? What if I were to also say that it's the world leaders, and governments that are using these hacktivists, and activists pull off such a stealth move. It would explain the fact that the hacktivists, and activists aren't being dealt with, wouldn't it?

In a recent video I watched from Youtube Hacktivist sympathizer K33MST@R involving R3V1WT3CHUS4, and the infamous L1Z@RDSQU4D it was repeated by the hacktivists on air (in their teenage voices, and varying accents) that they were in the military, and that no one could do anything about what the do online. Assuming this is an accurate statement it would lead one to believe that they are indeed in cahoots with the governemt, and that quite possibly they are being utilized as a tool in a secret project, or program to strengthen the government's control over certain freedoms.

The L1Z@RDSQU4D have been admittedly known for downing planes, and have even admitted to committing acts of terrorism. In fact they boasted on live radio through Youtube about their terroristic acts. A sure fire way to tell if they are indeed a part of a secret military operation meant to gain ultimate control over the common peoples of the world is to keep an eye on social media. If they aren't dealt with then you will be hearing more from them, and about them as time passes. However if the governments really are concerned about terrorists they would take the hacktivist's statement about committing terrorism to heart, and would effectively seek them out for criminal prosecution. Only time will tell in that particular situation.

As far as activists go we all know how G@mer G@te, and their social opposition (SJWs) have butted heads in violence, harsh words, and death threats. This in itself is a lot like the hacktivists ordeal in that it too dictates what laws are put into place regarding online activities, and social media. What if these activists are also a part of a worldwide governmental project meant to do away with freedoms? It's deeply concerning to me that all of this has been occurring around the same time frame. You have an antagonist, or group of antagonists pop-up on social media with their seemingly legit agendas that commoners are passionate about, and you have the mindless sheep/lemmings/drones that follow suit to put their two cents worth in. Who's not to say it is as my conspiracy theory states that some ingenious SOB is working us up behind-the-scenes to take away any constitutional rights, and freedoms that we have earned.

With the wars going on, the wolves guiding the sheep, and the global economy heading towards a collapse and eventual one world currency there is no doubt in my mind that the people pulling the strings would do something so devious as this. As I said earlier though time will tell. Keep a watch on your news, and journalistic outlets as well as social media. If you notice new laws being put into place to take away rights as a result of an activist, or hacktivist, and nothing is done against said individuals then you'll know that I was right. Be careful whom you trust, and whom you follow as it might take you some place you'd rather not be.


  1. wise words from a wise man.

  2. so in a nutshell,world leaders are using hackers to change online laws to suit their taste? man that's a tall story. having said that, i've always wondered why those notorious hackers are at large to this day. they are so shrewd or what?


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