Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Recap of "MTG Modern Masters Weekend"

Recently a global tournament event known as the "MTG Modern Masters Weekend" was held at three unique locations. Among these event hubs were 'Grand Prix Chiba, Japan', 'Grand Prix Utrecht, Netherlands', and 'Grand Prix Las Vegas'. Japan, and the Netherlands saw an estimated 5,000 participants while Las Vegas scored the highest number of players amounting to an impressive 11,000. At the event there were plenty of side activities apart from the main events including cosplay, and 4 weddings. The biggest of the tournaments had players numbering at an astounding 3,800. Just from the recap John LeRoy shared it is apparent that this MTG occasion was one of the more noteworthy ones to happen in a long while.

Other event stats include the listing of tournament themed events which ranged from the main events to side events. There were a total of 40,000 main events, and thousands of side events from all three combined locales. Amongst the intense card battles 90,000 MTG booster packs were opened, and one million viewers tuned in through various streaming services to watch the players do their thing. These streams were done up in English, Japanese, and even Chinese languages effectively spreading the viewing experience even wider across the English speaking, and Asian territories. Of course it goes without saying that Twitter peeps also had to put their opinions in, and when it was all said and done there were an estimated 21,000 tweets regarding the weekend tournament scene.

If you missed it all like I did you'll be glad to know that the PR is openly sharing with you some event photos through outlets like my blog, and other social media options. Below you'll find a small collection of photo images from the event that I personally picked because of their interesting nature. I hope you enjoy them, and that if the MTG culture intrigues you you give the game a go yourself!

"Grand Prix Utrecht, Netherlands"

"GP Chiba, Japan - Sat BitterBlossom Dress"

"GP Utrecht - Liliana Vess Cosplay"

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