Monday, July 6, 2015

Hobby Pick-Ups (July 5, 2015)

As a hobbyist I've got a long list of things I like to collect. These include various entertainment related items (DVDs, Video Games ...), comic books, and toys. While out shopping this past Sunday I decided to use some of my extra monthly funds to treat myself to some of said collectibles. Seeing as my monthly budget is limited I had to choose wisely, so I spent a good hour browsing all the toys, and DVDs that Targets had to offer. When it comes to DVDs Targets usually has a nice selection with some discounted options made available. They've even started carrying steel book collector's DVDs/Blu-rays for those hardcore collectors out there. As far as my DVD browsing goes I tend to look for unique horror releases, and anything anime related. Luckily while browsing the newly released Studio Ghibli Blu-ray collection I happened upon the coveted "Spirited Away". This is the first time it was released in a DVD plus Blu-ray combo pack, and for $24.99 it was a heck of a deal!

Aside from "Spirited Away" I also found two deeply discounted Bandai Batman action figure model kits. I had never seen these kits before, and for $5.14 each I couldn't pass them up. I got the "Dark Knight Rises" Batman figure, and the Joker. Honestly they do look a bit cheap in build, but seeing as they are Japanese model kits in a US store I could not pass them up. As a collector I'll probably keep them unopened in their sealed state as they seem to be a more rare toy.

As far as "Spirited Away" goes I highly suggest buying it before it becomes scarce. Studio Ghibli DVDs tend to have a bad habit of fading from availability after a short while. Seeing as Disney picked them up, and published/released them they are also more than likely limited/timed releases. If you have not seen "Spirited Away" it's a must see, and must own film. It is by far one of Studio Ghibli's finest anime masterpieces, and is even an Academy Award winner. Do not miss out!!!

I hope you enjoyed this latest look at my hobby pick-ups, and that it gives you an idea of what's available as well inspires you to spend some money on your favorite hobbies. Until next time I shall type at you later! Keep it awesome my friends!


  1. those figure kits are lovely. i would jump at them as well. cool deals

    at first i didn't recognize it was ジブリ. never knew it was spelled that way. the only ghibli offering i have ever watched is castle in the sky. it was a true masterpiece. any boy would have a hankering for that kind of adventure. and i think it's somewhat similar to rodea the skysoldier.

  2. I was surprised to see a Targets store selling the kits. They usually don't carry such obscure toys. It was definitely a good deal though.

    Castle in the Sky is another of my favorite Studio Ghibli films. I also like 'Princess Mononoke', and 'The Tale of the Princess Kagura'. If you haven't seen "Spirited Away" you definitely need to. It's worth watching at least once.


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