Friday, August 7, 2015

Conspiracy Coroner: "Illuminaughty, Anunnaki & Otherworldly Matters"

For as far back as I can remember I've been fascinated by the occult, the spiritual world, and worlds beyond our own. I've read countless books, articles, and stories relating to things like aliens, reptilians, and ghostly apparitions amongst other oddities. I personally think that there's a hidden truth to it all, but not exactly as we see it. I've always had the theory in mind that this world is made up of layered realities. Like an onion with it's many layers I feel people, things, and events from the past, present, and future are all happening simultaneously in our plain of existence. With things being layered like that that's why I believe some of us are able to see things like ghosts, and otherworldly creatures, theoretically. If my theory is correct then there could also be ways for knowledgeable individuals to traverse said layers at will, and influence the various time periods as they see fit. It is this intentional influence upon time that could possibly be swaying the balance of power, and the way things will play out for those of us who have yet to see the future ahead. Where this theory gets interesting is that all throughout history traces, and hints have been left behind in a cryptic manner for us to discover. Even the entertainment world of today contains hidden meaning, and messages relating to the occult, and otherworldly happenings.

What I'll be addressing in the following sentences, and paragraphs are hidden, and not so hidden things I've found within video games that relate to the previously mentioned otherworldly goings on. I'll give brief examples of what I've noticed, and which games come to mind when I think of this topic ...

If you are a current generation console, or PC gamer you'll no doubt have found stuff within your video game adventures that hint towards darker, and more secret things. Often times certain characters, dialogue, and even design elements show us a hint that the developer is trying to relay a message of warning. One game that comes to mind is the more recent release of "Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN". Having played through the lengthy story mode campaign in all it's entirety, and having paid attention to the immense amount of detailed dialogue I picked up on some things that hinted towards a new world order, and possibly a world war prior to that. The US, UK, various European nations, and even Japan were subtly hinted at in the post-apocalyptic scenario that was borderline apocalyptic. In the provided character bios, MAY's in particular, the story gets even deeper hinting at a poisoning of the Japanese, and a secret inherent ability in that race that would be used as a last ditch effort to fight a greater evil. This could all be taken as a developer's creativity, but the amount of historical background details that Arc System Works included in that game goes well beyond the realm of imagination, and more so into reality of the current world situation. Of course this is only one example of game's hinting towards something other than a simple gaming experience. Be sure to listen to that game's end song as well as it hints at a worldly hopelessness that further builds upon the game's apocalyptic nature.

Past GGXrd's hint at a worldly change through otherworldly means we turn our attention to Bungie's "Destiny". The game everyone wants to love, but truly hates. In Destiny's lore, much like the world of GGXrd we find a post-apocalyptic scenario in which the darkness is overwhelming the light. Humanity's, and the universe's last hope lies in the hands of resurrected guardians of varying sorts. That, and an all powerful entity known, as the "Traveler" which hovers damaged above the last remnants of civilization. Within Destiny's socially based universe we find various characters such as Master Rahool, and Xur who are often times found muttering to themselves in a seemingly incoherent fashion about religious things, and an end which is to come. One could pass this banter off to simply being a part of the make-believe apocalyptic universe that Destiny's story resides in, but something about what the characters say under their breath as you stand near them, and the way they act makes you second guess that notion. This accompanied by in-game add-ons like the "Cult/Trinary Star" hunter's cloak seem to point to the Illuminati, or new world order that I mentioned before. The design on the cloak showcases a Skeletal deer standing on top of an upside-down triangle. The description of said cape, or cloak basically reads that the cloak is for those who side with the darkness, and oppose the light. An ideology much like the agenda the new world order, and secret societies like the Illuminati seem to be pushing. Realizing things like this are scattered throughout Destiny makes you wonder if the developers, and content creators who designed the game know something we do not.

Diving deeper into conspiracy theories you'll find that Netherrealm Studio's "Mortal Kombat X", and previous Mortal Kombat experiences also hint towards something not of this world. For those of you who have played the more recent MK releases you'll know of a certain humanoid reptile known as, "Reptile". While the name of the character alone brings to mind the recent rise in mentions of alien hierarchy, namely the "Reptilians" this character makes said race a virtual reality. When it comes to the theory of "Reptilians" (for those of you who don't know) most theorists believe they are hidden among us just like the Illuminati, and Anunnaki. Some theorists believe the reptilians are manipulating the worldly populous through religion, and that they aim to invoke a biblical apocalypse to gain control of the worldly citizens. According to said alien theorists the Reptilians have been here longer than we have. It kind of makes you wonder if Reptile's evolutionary, and more "reptilian" character design implemented over the years was a way for developers to clue us into the fact that we are not alone.

While those are the only three games I can recall at the moment I assure you there are plenty more gaming experiences out there that hint towards otherworldly happenings, and secret societies working behind the scenes to change our history, and the future before us. I urge you to pay close attention to the games you play to see if you can also spot the hints that are left behind for you to notice. I'm sure you'll find examples just as I have, and will find embedded in your seemingly innocent gaming adventures something more sinister, or even more mysterious than you ever thought before. It is my personal belief that we are being given a subtle push to better understand the world around us. While the content creators might not be painting the picture outright for us they are stealthily letting us know that everything is not as it seems.

Feel free to let me know anything you may find in video games that hint towards the otherworldly happenings. Use the comment box below, and I will reply to you directly. Thanks for tuning into the latest "Conspiracy Coroner" here at the old Inferno!


  1. i really have passion for xfiles and supernatural (both drama) and i'm used to be exposed to strange goings on but this is a heck of an article. i bet you are on another planet.kidding. and since i see it inappropriate to put all the oddities together and make a conclusion i think i'll take a shot at digging into each stuff one by one...

    the onion-layered theory is simply off the wall and of course i never thought that way. i'm not commenting on this because it's utterly beyond comprehension.

    i do believe in ghosts and apparitions and such. otherwise some momentous incidents in history are inexplicable. i don't see ghostly things at all though.

    i take it that those clandestine organizations (illuminati and freemason) are known to everybody as i watched a tv show where an alleged-freemason member was openly talking about the outfit. i'm ill-informed of those underground communities but i'm sure they exist.

    the hypothesis that game creators are hinting at something important in an obscure way,i don't think they intentionally are. i suppose they happened to include those conspiratorial ideas to make the game more curious.

    the Reptilians proposition sounds the least plausible to me. what if one of them gets involved in a horrible car crash? they are still able to pretend to be a human? don't tell me the paramedics are all the gekkoes and hush it up every time...

  2. These conspiracy articles are meant to provoke thoughts, and opinions related to the often times mysterious world around us. They are part "What if?" scenarios, and part ideals based on what I've personally observed. It can all be taken with a grain of salt, so-to-speak.

    As far fetched as my onion theory might seem to some it's not entirely out of the question. There's definitely seems to be layers of fact, and fiction within this world we live in. Often times things are shades of grey in that the fact can sometimes border on being fiction made real. There's still a lot of things about this world humans don't know about.

    When it comes to ghosts I have had my own personal encounters, and that's part of the reason I brought that up in my "Onion Theory". Ghosts, from my life's experience are very real.

    There's no doubt in my mind secret organizations like the Illuminati, Free Masons, and other community driven organizations exist. They are all over place in social media, and are even dropping hints in the world of entertainment. What their purpose is is a mystery though, and that's why I brought them up. The fact that they are embedded in entertainment mediums, and social aspects of life via the internet makes them all the more real. One day we may all find out what exactly their intentions are.

    My theory on game developers creating in-game content regarding the mysteries of the world, and hints about future events aren't all that far fetched. The details, and inclusion of some in-game content seem far more than mere coincidence, or copycat ideas. Games like 'Guilty Gear Xrd' sign which have a fully fleshed out history in the game's extras really points to things being intentionally added, and referenced. Even the music industry has hidden meaning in the song lyrics, and music videos that are provided.

    Reptilians are one of those deeply seeded cover-up conspiracies that pertain to a species that has supposedly been here since the dawn of man. According to theory they can look just as human as you and me. They also have mentally persuasive powers that can fool humans into seeing them as one of their own. Reptilians also fall under that secret society theme in that they have a hierarchy that is governed much like the people of the Earth. They have their leaders, their workers, and those sent out to influence humanity. Of course this is all in theory though, and has yet to be proven. Like the rest of the article the mention is meant to invoke thoughts, and opinions on the provided possibilities.

    Once again thank you for your comments! I appreciate the fact that you actually pay attention to what I have to say. Thank you!

  3. thank you for the detailed descriptions. i just read it all,which makes me tempted to ask this. regarding the lizards,how would they handle a situation where their true selves get busted? like a fatal car crash. they can die posing as a human to the end? or one of the lizards present works hypnosis of some kind ( as you mentioned in the reply ) on eyewitnesses to make them forget? or they never get entangled in that kind of accident thanks to their exceptional physical prowess? i wanna hear your views

    1. If they are real, and theories are correct the reptilians have blended in with humans for ages. It is said they've even infiltrated our governments, and if that's the case any cover-up is possible. Most vehicle wrecks I see on the news require a team of firemen, or whatever to pry the people from the wreckage. In some cases vehicles go up in flame. Most common people do not approach a wreckage unless they feel they can save, or assist the person inside. Even that is rarely done though. If the reptilians have blended so well with humanity who's to say they don't have some of their kind in fire departments, or rescue units. Who's to say they aren't a part of hospital staff. If the reptilian species is real, and have been with us as long as guessed they've probably blended in with ancient cultures all the way to modern cultures influencing what it is we believe.

  4. your theory is really convincing. if they were real life critters they would be handling issues in the way you specified. thanks


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