Monday, August 3, 2015

Plans, Plans, Plans ...

It is early August of 2015, and I've got little to offer in the way of reviews, unfortunately. Journalistic outlets of various standings are jumping the gun, and requesting review copies early. Most of the time I'm left wanting in said cases. I've even run into the problem of finding a proper contact in some instances. I know that sounds like a bunch of excuses to not provide for my dedicated readers, but it is what it is. What I do have planned for this week is a basic review of the upcoming free-to-play PS4 MOBA, "Trans-Galactic Tournament". After having sampled the last supposedly "Free-To-Play" MOBA I have my doubts about the sincerity of the free-to-play model though. I will spend some proper time with it learning the controls, and feature functions to give you a breakdown of how user-friendly it really is. From the preview trailer I can say that it looks visually promising, and definitely more action oriented than the previous PS4 MOBA flop. Sony definitely needs to provide a proper MOBA experience as that is a rising genre in competitive gaming, and with Microsoft having the rights to "Smite" they really need to impress the genre fans with this new game. I'm still holding out hope for a worthwhile free-to-play experience on the PS4, something akin to what "Destiny of Spirits" had to offer. A true free-to-play gaming experience. While such a thing might dip into Sony's pocket if they were to offer something of a "Triple A" nature in the free-to-play format they could possibly make up for the loss, and earn a profit with more console, and gaming peripheral sales. That's "Big Business 101", my friends. Take a hit to impress, and it could lead you to fame, and fortune.

Aside from "Trans-Galactic Tournament" I'll try to give you the lowdown on Koei Tecmo's "Deception IV: Nightmare Princess". I picked that up today for myself, and having enjoyed the previously released, "Deception IV: Blood Ties" I can't wait to see how it looks, and plays on the PS4. Do know that this is more, or less a slight upgrade sort of like, "Toukiden: Kiwami" though. It does have the Blood Ties' base, and some additional content that I'm guessing was previously exclusive to Japan's game of the same name. I also figure it got a graphics upgrade as well seeing as it's a new-gen port. You might find some gameplay footage on my Youtube channel a little later on.

Before I close this article I would like to be upfront with the lot of you. Game reviews from this point forward are going to be slim pickings. As I mentioned earlier journalists of all kinds are jumping ahead with their review requests, and are nabbing all of the review copies early. I cannot promise that I'll be able to provide many more game reviews in the remainder of 2015, but I can promise that what I type for you to read will be of good quality. As a filler offering I might do the usual comic book pick-up article, and review any toys that I might buy during the month, and months ahead. I may also seek out some books for review, or something else I think the hobbyists who frequent my blog might enjoy. I hope that you stick around for the long haul despite the blog's shortcomings. Your patronage, and support is always welcome and greatly appreciated.

Be sure to support those hobby providing companies that you feel deserve your hard earned money this week by buying something they are selling. It's difficult for gaming studios, film studios, musicians, artists, and entertainment providers to keep afloat when their fans don't choose to support them by buying their latest products. Piracy is a big No-No, btw.

I hope you enjoy the week, and get the work done that needs to be done. I will try my best to do the same. Also stay positive, and keep that hope alive. Life is not over until you've breathed your last breath, so it's best to make the most of the time you are given. I've heard of some of the most pitiful, and poverty stricken people making a huge difference in the world. As long as you strive to make the most of your life instead of giving up on the time, and talents you are gifted you can accomplish things that some would deem impossible. Like a light bulb baby! Let that positive energy flow through you! I shall type at you all later. Game on my friends!

Your Last Samurai,
Brad Carver (OtakuDante)


  1. hi how's everything? how is the weather over there? well we have 2 typhoons heading this way that are expected to grow considerably big. that bodes ill for us. i'm concerned as typhoons this time of year can be calamitous

    on a lighter note i'd like to ask this after reading the blog. the review copy for journalists is the same as the final product found at stores?

    1. Things are looking good. Review work is picking back up. I currently have two game reviews to tend to as well as an anime review. The weather seems to have calmed down significantly, and we only have small storms here or there in the state. Sorry to hear about the typhoons. I know from watching the news that they can be bad on a catastrophic level. I'll keep you in my thoughts, and prayers.

      The review copies I get are usually digital download codes. They are the full game though, and even come with necessary patches. Some journalists are lucky enough to get retail copies like the ones you find in stores.


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