Saturday, August 15, 2015

Weekend Blog Log (Aug. 15, 2015)

For most of this year I've been met with huge disappointments on the gaming journalism front. I've either been too late to request a code, or denied outright by the constantly changing PR. I've even had to get reacquainted with PR, because of employees leaving for one reason, or another. I have tried to keep it up for you guys though, and have been inquiring constantly despite what my meager review output might imply. Today, despite the shortcomings I am glad to say my gaming, and hobby review plate is full once again. I've got an indie to review, a Danganronpa game to review, and my first NISA anime to cover. Things are looking up for the old Inferno once again. I have to say in the midst of all this good news that I wouldn't be able to do what I do if it weren't for your support. For that I humbly, and sincerely thank you. You are the force that keeps me going, and that keeps me from retiring. I hope that you stick around for the future reviews, and that the critiques I provide are worthy of your patronage. Here at the Inferno I don't half-ass things, and I work my ass off to provide you the best informational reading experience I possibly can. It's the least I can do for those of you who acknowledge, and support my efforts. Once again thanks for continuing to stop by, and reading what I have to say! Thank you very much!

In other news I'll be working this weekend on training with my new 'Trials of Osiris' fireteam member, and former indie journalist friend MasterBlud alongside my UK friend, Trouble. He's a positive guy, and definitely a much needed asset for me, and Trouble's team. We've welcomed him in, and believe good things will happen in due time. I'm looking forward to training, and improving with him on a regular basis. Maybe one day will get that 9 win streak we've all been aiming for!

Beyond that I can't say I've got much else planned. I'm just going to enjoy the weekend, and rest up mentally so I can get the planned reviews out to you guys as soon as possible. The embargoes for the two games are close at hand, so I do have my work cut out for me to meet those deadlines. It's not a definitive deadline, mind you, but it's just a date set in place to let me know that the PR don't mind the reviews being posted early. I plan on playing through each game before giving my final critique. For "Adventures of Pip" that shouldn't take too long. For "Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls" though that might take a while longer. When the embargo is up for the new Danganronpa I'll be sure to keep you up to date on my in-game findings, and opinions prior to my review posting. That way you'll be better equipped to decided whether or not it's a game you want to pre-order. I imagine the NISA store will likely have a limited, or collector's edition of the game with exclusive bonus items for those who are quick enough to reserve a copy first. Keep a watch out for that, and be sure to follow @NISAmerica on Twitter for NISA related updates!

In closing I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, and that it affords you some quality time off. For those of you still putting in the work hours I hope a break comes for you soon, and that you get to enjoy that time off. We have to put in the work to be able to afford our hobbies, and life demands so that we can reap the benefits later on. That is the way life works. Hopefully we can all do our part to stay positive during the daily grind, and make this world the shining place it ought to be. Lead by a positive example, and those around you will most certainly notice. Positivity is very much like a contagion in that sense. It will spread to others around you, and make their day all the more better. Remember that the next time you feel like tweeting a depressed, "Woe is me" tweet on Twitter. Positivity begets positivity, and negativitiy begets negativity. I shall type at you guys, and gals later. Remember to keep things Awesome!

Your Last Samurai,
Brad Carver (OtakuDante)


  1. seeing as you didn't reply yet my post wasn't processed alright as suspected...something was wrong when i hit the publish button below. i think i'll start over from scratch...

    how is the weather these days at the other end? the head has died down over here and it's been cool considering it's in the height of summer but today is scorching hot again.and one of the typhoons i brought up will more than likely hit home in the coming days. i'm pretty anxious about it.

    since this is a weekend log and things presumably have changed it'd be in our interests to talk about something else. actually i have a topic to run by you. i picked up a game for wiiu this month.devil's third. i already put more than 50 hours in it and i find it really gripping. in objective terms this will measure up to all the hype out's the least laggy ive ever played and there is no need for subscription for playing online. however much to my consternation nintendo america called off its launch on their soil dismissing it as not up to par in quality. sure the graphics a touch rough,still it's above standard i believe. but given its reputation and sales recently they took it back and decided to sell as initially planned. i'm glad at the news because it's undoubtedly worthy of the launch in foreign parts.

    although i'm touting the game like an nintendo staffer this games has the sole drawback.the gold eggs you have to pay for when you feel like unlocking stuff. seems like nintendo couldn't resist getting on the bandwagon. what really riles me up is they never mention the paying feature in their official site. i did check the site and couldn't find anything of the kind. then i bought it. i guess this qualifies as scam. at least i feel that way. having said that the eggs can obtained through ingame achievements and i didn't pay yet. but deep down i know if i don't pay i can't get what i want..

    you know this has been a kind of backlog. i made up my mind to leave comments on the articles concerning matters in general. but i never feel forced or obliged because it's fun interacting with you like this

    1. Sometimes Blogger acts up like Twitter. I'm glad you decided to repost what you wanted to say though ...

      The weather over here has been insane. Week's worth of storms have plagued us some of which were severe. We've also got a possible hurricane headed in our direction from the east. The weather forecasters are still guessing as to where it will be hitting. Glad to hear the weather has cooled down over there. Sorry about the incoming typhoon though. I hope you, and your loved ones stay safe. We've personally never experienced a typhoon, but from what I've seen on the news I know they can be devastating.

      I've actually heard of Devil's Third. People over hear seem to be wanting it pretty badly. It's been the topic of many gaming sites. I personally don't have a clue as to what it's about though. All I know is that it's been in the works for quite some time now, and that they have just entertained the idea of releasing it. I'm definitely glad to hear the game has some proper length to it. I can't stand a retail gaming experience that only affords you a handful of hours, and little replay value. It's also interesting that the game doesn't require a subscription fee to play. That's definitely a rare thing these days.

      I'd never had guessed Nintendo would jump on the micro-transactions bandwagon. That's definitely not a good decision on their behalf. It will certainly hurt the game's reputation over here. Micro-transactions are definitely a greedy practice, and they do not really reward the gamer for spending money. It could definitely be described as a scam.

      I really do appreciate you taking the time to leave me comments, and discuss games with me on a friendly level. It's something I'm rarely gifted on this blog. That's one more reason I want you to stay safe during the incoming typhoon. I hope that you continue to give me feedback, and that you leave comments as often as you like.I hope to hear from you again very soon!


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