Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015!!!

It is October 31st of 2015. It is Halloween!!! Currently some of you are at work, and some of you are at school. The lucky few like myself are at home preparing for the evening's activities in some form or fashion. Whatever your plans may be, be sure to play it safe this Halloween. Parents it is your duty to keep your kids safe, and kids it is your duty to do as your parents tell you. I know that may be hard as a youngster, but your parents do know best ... usually.

In light of the holiday that is Halloween I do have some tips to help you in making sure this nightly celebration of ghoulish delight doesn't turn into one of tragedy, or misfortune. First, and foremost do not go into neighborhoods that are known for violence, or criminal activity. Secondly be sure to wear brightly colored clothing, or reflector strips to keep people from running over you in their vehicles. Also do not walk in the middle of the roads. Always keep your eyes on the traffic, and always mind your surroundings. When 'Trick or Treating' be sure to do so in the company of others. Preferably in the company of a responsible adult, or adults. When you get your candy back home check every piece for tampering, and if a piece of candy looks like it's been tampered with throw it away. For those of you with food allergies be aware of the types of candies you have, and what types of ingredients make them up. If you are allergic to any type of foods be sure to have the appropriate medications on hand in case you should have an allergic reaction. Those are all good tips that you should each abide by this Halloween!

Moving on to my plans ... For those of you who are unaware I've had plans for about a week, or more to do a streaming event of "Dead or Alive 5 Last Round" this Halloween. A "DOA5LR Halloween Costume Brawl". My plan was to host an hour long lobby on the PS4 in order to share with my "PSN Fight Club Community" followers my purchased Halloween costume DLC, and to get into some matches with said followers. Anyone who wants to join my community, or the special even is more than welcome to do so. With that being said though I think there is a limited number of free spaces for the lobbies in DOA5LR. If that's the case please be considerate of others if the lobby is full, and back out after a few matches so others can join in. I know that's asking a lot, but with the lobby system setup the way it is it's gonna have to be done that way. If you do choose to join in the fight, and have a headset be sure to set your chat settings so that your conversation can be heard on the stream. All that I ask in regards to chat, and lobby gaming is that you do not troll, and that you do not cause trouble. The intended time for this evening's DOA5LR event is "9pm - 10pm EST". That will give you time to make it back home from your nighttime Halloween outing. All you'll need to do to join is go to the "Lobby" section of the game, find my PSN ID listing (OtakuDante1134), and join in if there is a spot that's open. Keep in mind DOA5LR is notorious for lag issues, so if you see lag is a problem please let someone else have a chance.

I'm going to close in saying that your safety is of the utmost importance. Stay safe this Halloween, and enjoy the spirit of the celebration. I'd hate to see any of you on tomorrow's news having been killed by some sort of Halloween related incident. Happy Halloween!!! ... Oh, and watch a good scary movie for me today!

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  1. so how the online event turn out? i have a sense it went off with a bang.

    come to think of it eating goodies given by a stranger is rather risky. halloween sucks.

    seems like all the kids are hyped for bo3 these days. or for battlefront. you gonna play either of them?


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