Monday, October 12, 2015

Playstation Communities - OtakuDante's Fight Club

After finding out about the new PS4 community feature I took it upon myself to start up a community geared towards fighting games, and the enthusiasts who love them. As the title of this post suggests the name of said community is, "OtakuDante's Fight Club". It is for both experienced gamers, and newcomers looking to get into the genre. I'm hoping that the more experienced players will extend open arms, and tutor those willing to learn the tricks of the trade in a sort of mentoring leadership. That is the goal of my community. That, and simply having fun playing the games. As of now I only have a few members joined, but I am looking for any active participants who aren't going to troll me, or the other legit players who join. No mods are allowed, and that includes the use of modded controllers with mapping functions. As of now the membership is open to anyone wanting to join, but might change if things get out of hand.

When it comes to the PS4 selection of games that we'll be playing as a community we'll be tackling nearly every fighting game release outside of "INJUSTICE" which I currently do not own. I might pick it up later on if there's enough interest in it though. Currently I own "Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN", "BlazBlue Chronophantasma EXTEND", "Ultra Street Fighter 4", "Mortal Kombat X", Dead or Alive Last Round, and Skullgirls. In fact If you join my community you'll notice that I have scheduled an October 31st (Halloween!!!) DOA5LR Halloween DLC costume event where I'm looking to play against gamers sporting past, and present Halloween DLC costumes on their favorite characters. As of now I'm trying to gauge an appropriate time for the event as I know some of you will be out Trick-or-Treating in the late evening hours, and tending to nighttime parties. I'm figuring that either after school hours, or around the 9pm - 10pm EST time would be more appropriate. If you join my community feel free to leave your thoughts on the timing of the event if you even consider playing with those who are joining.

Of course as time goes on I'll try to set aside one, or two days a week for fighting game gatherings. This will most likely take place in the evening hours when everyone's finished with their daily activities, and school work. One other thing I should mention is that I want to keep the mic talk clean. There may or may not be kids joining, and if they do I do not want them hearing trash talk. I want a friendly atmosphere at all times, and no trolling will be tolerated either. This community is a troll free zone, and I aim to keep it that way. There's too much of that BS going on in online gaming these days, and it's the main reason online fighting games fall to the wayside in popularity. No one wants to play against a cheap ass troll online.

With all that said I hope you consider joining even if you've never played a fighting game in your life. Hopefully the participating members can help you to better understand the mechanics of the genre, and help you to become that top tier player you dream of being. I'll give you advice when I can, but being honest I am only an intermediate player in most fighters, and haven't committed the time to learning the more technical aspects of the games. In closing, be sure to search for the community using the title, "OtakuDante's Fight Club". If you send me a friend invite I can also send you a community invite directly. My PSN ID is, 'OtakuDante1134" for those of you interested. I hope to hear from you soon!


  1. the community sounds fun. if i had a ps4 i'd definitely get on board in jig time. but playing people abroad wouldn't be all that fascinating due to lag. you know lag is the spoilsport for fighting games

    just out of curiosity the number 1134 means anything or just a fancy name?

    1. I'm hoping that it will be fun, but so far I only have three members. There are definitely some lag issues in fighting games these days, especially when you are playing against someone of a different country though. With that being said some netcode works around that problem, and makes the lag tolerable.

      The "1134" is calculator word play. When you type it into a calculator, and turn it upside-down it spells "hell". It kind of goes along with the "Dante" part of my username in that I chose that name after "The Inferno" from "The Divine Comedy".


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