Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Man Who Talked Sense (A PARABLE)

A moral story by Bradley Carver

Long ago in a busy village filled with idiots lived a hermit who had seen it all through the words of mankind. This man of a relatively young age, but elder wisdom lived at the edge of the village outpost in an overlooked, and long forgotten house on a clearing of land surrounded by forest. His humble home which was made of the most affordable materials at the time had an interior lined with shelves that were filled with a treasure trove worth of books, scrolls, and lost manuscripts. Day in, and day out the young lad buried his face in the pages of books. He knew about everything there was to know of the world around him without ever having stepped foot into the heart of the neighboring village, or even beyond it's boundaries.

One day while he was in the midst of his reading a knock came at his door. Curious, the young lad opened up the door to find an idiotic mob of villagers begging for his help. They clambered on about their crops not growing, and various other agriculture related issues. Having the knowledge to help, and excitement that comes with wanting to share his gained knowledge the man followed the village idiots to their farm lands, and one by one gave instructions to them on how to cultivate the land so that crops would grow. He even instructed them on how to raise livestock for the coming season's harvest. Once the deed was done the village idiots went back to minding their own business, and for countless years to come they once again left the young lad to himself with his tomes of knowledge.

During this length of absence the lonely lad did as he usual did, and passed his time reading, and re-reading the knowledge filled items that he had amassed. In the back of his mind, as he continued to fill his brain with worldly wisdom he continued to think about how his expertise was finally needed, and how he had finally been appreciated for the knowledgeable person that he was. In the midst of this reflection he actually began to grow rather depressed that he had not heard back from the village idiots. He felt his gifted knowledge wasn't as appreciated as it initially seemed, and that the village idiots had just used him to get what they needed. It seemed to him that if they had truly appreciated what he had done for them that they'd follow up with a report on how things were going, or at least ask some questions regarding other agriculture related things that they did not know.

This, however was not the case, and the once content, and wise youth who was now in his middle age began to dwell on his hobby. He pondered for hours, days, months, and years as to if it was really worth all the effort putting all that time into learning what the world had in store if it was going to be of no use. He completely rethought his life, and for the next several years he worked hard to blend in with the village idiots, and become accustom to their way of life. Eventually all that gained knowledge from years back faded from the now elder man's memory. He became what he set out to become, a village idiot.

Thinking that they had secured a national treasure in having the once wise man live among them the village idiots began to lean on the thought that they had it made, and that should any more problems arise the now elder old man would save them, and give them the knowledge that they desired. Little did they know the old man was now as smart as they were, and that's not saying a lot. As fate would have it one spring day a plague of previously unknown insects came, and destroyed the crops that the village idiots had been growing. With the crops destroyed the livestock also began to die off, and soon the village idiots began to panic thinking they were going to starve without a solution to the problem. In a mad rush they ran up to the old man's new house, and once again knocked on his door. They begged, and pleaded for help, but the old man was now an idiot like them, and couldn't provide the help that they needed. Without an answer, and with the books, tomes, and scrolls having decayed with age the villagers along with the old man died of starvation. Thus ending a cycle of stupidity.

The Moral of the Story ...

The moral of the story for those of you who cannot figure it out is simply this. Appreciate those who are willing to help you, especially the knowledgeable few. Don't use, or abuse them, because one day you might need them, and they won't be there to help. True knowledge is a precious thing, and to those who are willing to listen, even more so.

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