Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ark: Survival Evolved - Day 2 (PREVIEW)

This morning I spent a couple of hours getting back into the PvE side of the"Ark: Survival Evolved" preview on the Xbox One. For whatever the reason the second go around was vastly more pleasant, and greatly more enjoyable than my first time with the game. The graphics definitely looked better. There were also less noticeable texture issues, and the frame rate hiccups weren't as bad as they were before. On top of that I finally figured out how to craft things which in turn allowed me to survive longer than I did before. I still feel that the menu management UI isn't as user friendly as it should be, especially in regards to the crafting mechanics though. I'd highly suggest referencing the in-game manual before getting into the game. As far as the fun factor goes this game is amazing! I feel like I'm a part of a living prehistoric ecosystem every time I get into it. I've had some laughable moments as well as some moments of discovery that kept me wanting to play more just to see what I could find.

Among my creature discoveries I've found that sasquatches, and dodo birds coexist in the world of "Ark: Survival Evolved". Each with their own scientific names applied. I did my fair share of Dodo slaying at first, but due to a friend's request on Twitter I have ceased that extinction agenda. Dodo birds seem to only have rotten meat anyways. During my many creature encounters I've also learned there's times when you should run for your life, and other times where it's alright to face the wildlife for chances at meat, and hide. Knowing the difference between said encounters means the difference between dying, and surviving for the long haul. Be sure to take note of the creature's RPG levels before ever attempting to kill them.

I plan on continuing my adventures in Ark for the days, weeks, and months to come. So long as it's allowed. I'll keep you informed of my findings, and will definitely drop some tips for survival if I should find anything of significance. I'm gonna go now. I've got some Dodo birds to ... just kidding @MithraDragoon, Lol!

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