Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fat Princess Adventures (PS4)

Before I get into this review the crew at 'Santa Monica Studios' wanted me to inform you that I was given a code by them. I chose to do the review myself though, and was not required to provide such a service. I'm simply doing it, because I fell in love with the game, and want my readers to know about it. Thanks to SMS for providing the code for this truly Awesome game! ...

Fat Princess Adventures, as it were is a fun filled RPG rogue-like adventure the likes of which I've never really seen in my time as a gamer, or a gaming journalist. While it does take obvious hints from the classic "Legend of Zelda" games, and games like "Diablo" it, in itself is a unique experience. You'll find an odd mixture of kid friendliness joined with some more mature gameplay themes. Within the game you'll find pop-culture nods aplenty, potty humor in various forms, blood splatters that would give 'Splatoon' a run for it's money, and adulterated entertainment references abound. Don't be surprised when you walk along a yellow brick road talking in a squeaky voice as you battle blood filled baddies that look as if they were ripped out of a child's storybook. Things like the underhanded mention of HALO, Blood Gulch, and the red & blue of said game are subliminally incorporated as well. As far as features go the amount of detail put into this miniaturized misadventure are titanic in proportion. Whether it be the diverse selection of characters, or their equally diverse voice-overs the attention to detail in-game is greatly impressive in so many ways. Sony, and the development studio behind this odd little treat of a game really went above, and beyond their means to impress on a budget level, and in doing so I think they succeeded. The fact that this latest "Fat Princess Adventure" offers online co-op is icing on top of the cake.

When you first start-up "Fat Princess Adventures", supposing you opted to purchase the game you'll be met with a simple animated menu screen that houses single-player, and multiplayer options as well as a character customization menu that will allow you to create a male, or female character that best suits your tastes. As far as the single-player, and multiplayer options go you can choose to go solo, or have some friends tag along via the network based co-op. While I've not tried the co-op myself I imagine there's room for up to three other friends due to the inclusion of four interchangeable character class options. Whether you go solo, or not the adventure is manageable, and not too overbearing. The character customization that is offered beyond your choice of single-player, or multiplayer is surprisingly detailed giving you more options than most simple RPGs usually do. It not only allows the player to customize physical character features, and accompanying colors, but that it also lets you choose a personality from a fairly lengthy list of choices. I ended up going with the "emo" personality myself, and have laughed my a** off many times over after having heard my character banter on exactly like an emo would. When it comes to character customization options you are given a good many options freely, but can also unlock the better stuff with the gold that you earn as you play. Once you've got your character finished you will be thrust into a narrative driven adventure inside, and outside the kingdom of Titania.

The story which includes said kingdom, it's two princesses, an unnamed hero/heroine played by you, and an evil queen who is hellbent on stealing all of Titania's sweets comes to life through comedic narrative storytelling, and art covered story book pages that show up before, and after each chapter in the game. As the hero, or heroine you will ultimately be tasked with facing off against the evil queen's gobbling hordes, and bosses as you complete quests, and side-quests for both of the kingdoms' Kings, and persons of importance. At your disposal are four different variations of yourself as well as the class specific actions that come with said variations. Like most class based RPGs this game includes a significantly different selection of class types. Among them are the 'Mage', 'Warrior', 'Archer', and 'Engineer'. Choosing between them is simple, but can only be done at plated checkpoints that you'll find as you make your way from destination to destination. Each class has it's own health meter, and four pieces of equipment that can be changed as you loot new items from defeated enemies, and unlocked treasure chests. The 'Warrior', for example wields a sword that offers up a melee attack as well as a secondary attack option that allows him/her to do a shield charge which stuns the enemy. Along with the sword, and shield combo comes two pieces of armor in the form of a hat, and chest armor. Like 'Diablo' these items come in different rarities with added elemental/status effects, and varying damage outputs. All equipment items, no matter what the class are upgradeable via a merchant that you can find in the Kingdom of Titania, and on it's outskirts.

Completing the quests, and side-quests in "Fat Princess Adventures", on the other hand requires that you talk to the right people, and do the tasks that they ask of you. Main quests mainly involve going out, and beating bosses while side-quests often times require that you search the kingdom, and it's outlying territories for someone, or something. Sometimes you even have to double back to return a message, or object to the requester. As far as threats go you will be facing off against various creatures, bosses, and traps as you make your way from area to area. Governing your success, or lack thereof is a meter of hearts that vary according to the character class you are currently using. If you get hit you will lose heart health. The only way to remedy this is to eat the cake that is dropped by downed enemies. Should you overeat the cake though your character will grow obese, but will still be able to attack in a more simplified manner. Another meter that ties in with your adventuring outings is the "Awesomesauce" meter. This purple gauge which is filled up by attacking enemies, or by drinking a potion of the same color will give your character a temporary boost in damage output as well as defense. It's best used against the stronger enemy types. One thing I forgot to mention is that enemies range in difference from the no-named minions to named monstrosities that will take more damage to kill. This is where the previously mentioned "Diablo" nods come into play. Knowing which type of enemy is which will save you some trouble. It should also be noted that you will respawn at the last checkpoint with all previously killed enemies still dead. This nullifies the frustration factor that comes with having to repeat what you've already done.

Trust me when I say there's plenty to do, and plenty to experience as you play through "Fat Princess Adventures". It may not be a "Triple A" title through, and through, but the game has a certain charm about it that is undeniable. It's a game that can be enjoyed at younger ages as well as older ages. Adults will definitely take note of the many suggestive themes scattered throughout the kingdom of Titania, and the lands beyond it's gates while children may or may not pick up on the comedic jabs. If you have the PSN credit, and are looking for something fun this, my friends is it. Do not miss out!

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