Thursday, December 3, 2015

Praying to the Porcelain Throne

Clickity Click Bait! You've been had by Brad, lol! Just kidding! There is a point to this article ...

These days I honestly feel like I've knelt down in front of a metaphorical toilet bowl as I pray for my putrid disgust to pass while I continuously vomit out logic, and common sense with no relief. What the gaming industry has become is truly sickening. It has failed, and continues to fail the gamer in so many ways. Like a monster turd clogging a public comode the BS that the developers, and publishers constantly push out won't pass through the plumbing pipes that make up the integrity of the gaming industry. All bathroom metaphors aside I feel we, the gamer are being dealt a bad hand. I believe we are being given a raw deal. Whether it be bad business practices in the form of abused DLC, micro-transactions, or whatever this industry is being brought to it's knees, and the gamers who made it as great as it once was are no longer being heard. Why more gamers aren't vocally disgusted, and outright offended is beyond me. We, as gamers often times side with those well spoken individuals that tell us the gaming industry is failing, but we do f**k all about the problem. We continue to buy into the bad business practices reassuring shoddy developers, and publishers that it's okay to monetarily ream us a new one. I honestly don't think this ass backwards madness will ever stop. I don't think gaming will improve.

So where does this leave me, and my humble gaming review outlet? At the moment I am seriously contemplating taking an extended leave. I'm considering this for a few different reasons. First, and foremost I find that there's more bad associated with gaming than there is good. Social media is constantly bringing out the worst in gamers, and industry providers. The negativity that surrounds most modern-day video game releases is so entirely consuming that it overshadows the positive things that such releases have to offer. I'm finding it extremely hard to enjoy, or get behind this entertainment hobby that I once loved in light of this outspoken madness, and due to the previously mentioned bad business practices that have become so commonplace. My childhood days of begging just to play a game a little bit longer are a distant, and almost forgotten memory. It seems like ages since I've personally been drawn into a game to the point where I just couldn't stop playing. At best I spend an hour here, and an hour there playing multiplayer related games for a quick fix. Sure I do invest quality time in the games I pick up for review, but once I'm done with them I move on.

I can't tell you how tough a decision it is to abandon over four years of hard work. I have poured my heart, and soul into this blog, and have risen to great heights as a gaming journalist thanks to the support of those who cared enough to read what I have to say. To even consider taking an extended leave to regain my composure as a gaming journalist is a hard decision to make. I'm not saying it's a definite decision yet, but the probability is strong. I think what's pulling me in this direction mostly lies with the extra stress it adds to my life. Getting frustrated to the point I'm cussing at a video game is not healthy. Getting frustrated at the the industry BS is also not healthy. A hobby is supposed to be enjoyed, and not loathed. My time, efforts, and money could be better spent, to be honest.

I will close in saying that the comment section is open to anyone. If you feel like I should continue doing what I do into 2016, or if I should move on let me know. I'm all ears. Thanks for being the Awesome supporters that you are!

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