Monday, January 18, 2016

Google+ Subscribers, Twitter Followers & Page Views

It is 2016, and I'm still getting turned down by the occasional misguided indie game developer. For some reason they think the Google+ subscriber widget that is on this blog reflects my total audience count, and traffic sources. This couldn't be further from the truth. What developers, publishers, studio & PR need to understand when entertaining one of my review offers is that the Google+ widget only reflects the Google+ subscriber count. Not my blog's following. Here at this blog I get traffic from multiple sources, one being that of my Google+ page which houses all of my reviews, and blog posts. While that is substantial enough in the way of page views you have to also factor in my Twitter follower count which has friends, and followers who see and click on every review link that I share there. Currently I'm over 3,000 in Twitter followers which is definitely not a low number. It may not be on par with celebrities, and other famous persons of interest, but if you do the math and add up the links that are read and shared by said followers things begin to multiply. Things add up. I was not lying when I said that my Google+ page is nearing the 3 million view mark. That in itself is traffic worth mentioning as Google+ only contains post from this blog. Furthermore other traffic sources that contribute to my viewer reach include various other journalist sites who have linked to my blog as well as my Youtube channel which catches a lot of attention for what I provide there.

So, the next time I reach out to you, and you look at that Google+ widget please look beyond it, and factor in everything that I've shared with you here. Traffic, as most internet savvy people know comes from multiple sources, not just one. With all that having been said I look forward to working with the industry providers who know better than the occasional clueless indie developers out there. I will provide the quality reviews I've always promised for you, and will get your game/product the attention it deserves. Thank you in advance, and welcome to the Inferno!

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