Sunday, January 31, 2016

Let's Get Political 2016

Yes, I am going there. Prepare yourself for the "Burn"! (Burn, get it? Bern? xD) ...

It is 2016, and politics in some form or fashion has bled through the internet firewalls, onto social media, through the boob tube, and further onto the tips of the tongues of the worldly citizens. Whether you want to believe it or not the information you think you know to be true is passed down, diluted, reworked, and manipulated from it's origin source. The sad thing is most of us (including myself) are guilty of taking such things at face value. We believe what Tom said. Tom, of course heard if first from Harry, a man who heard it first from Dick. So forth, and so on. We don't stop to question where the so-called facts originated from. We don't consider the actual sources, or their validity. Someone out there is pulling our strings, and we are so blinded by our unwarranted rage, and blame that we fail to see it. They are working our nerves, and guiding our actions through our misguided emotions, and opinions. For all we know the nameless instigator on social media whom we don't know from Adam, or Eve could be debating with us on that party's, or individual's behalf. We just don't know ...

In the midst of the maelstrom that is propaganda pushing we find ourselves intrigued, and drawn into debates regarding our rights, and other things that tie into our everyday lives. We jump the gun, and get behind harmful ideals that were put there to distract us from the truth. Things like the "Black Lives Matter" movement, and the feminism debates are actually there to make us focus on each other instead of those who are actually doing harm to society, and it's future. While it's bad that blacks are being unfairly killed by cops, and that smut is being pushed into our faces did you ever stop to think that all of that may be happening to change things in a certain way for a certain someone? Did you ever stop to think about the leaders speaking out about the issues, or what their true intentions are for addressing it were? I doubt it. I'm willing to bet you are drawn deeply into the "Blacks vs Whites / Whites vs Blacks" war, and the feminism debate like a lot of the misguided population is.

The unfortunate thing about this is that the looming civil war, the looming WWIII, and the impending state of martial law are all a part of a stage that is being set by us. The leaders of the world know how to work us towards these end goals. They act like they are on our side, and take one side or the other on the heated debates. All the while distracting us from them. In the meantime all we see is blinded rage towards each other. We hate blacks, we hate whites, we hate the middle-class thinkers, we hate extremist feminist. The list goes on. As we continue to battle each other our rights are taken away, the leaders gain a tighter control over us, and we are none the wiser. We think we are to blame, and look nowhere else for a logical explanation.

This coming election I want you to focus, not on your fellow citizen, their ideals or the issues plaguing your country. I want you to watch closely the action of your leaders, and those seeking the seats of power. I want you to watch the televised debates, note their demeanor, and pay close attention to every word that comes out of their mouth. Listen as they reverberate every issue that has ever been brought to the attention to the people through social media. Ask yourself why you think it is that they are addressing the issue/s. If their motives seem one-sided, and in their favor then don't vote for them. They are more than likely out for number one, and the control of everyone else. Secondly I want you to put aside what it is you think you know about the candidates topic of discussion, and question where that information came from. Was it questionable hand me downs from Tom, Dick, or Harry? If so then do not take what they are saying at face value. They are either completely out of the know, or they are pulling your strings for their or someone else's purposes.

I'm going to close in saying that polls, elections, and passed down information can be tampered with. They can be altered to push an agenda, and to promote a cause. The information super highway, or the internet as we call it only contains such information. If the truth was out there do you think it would be so freely given? The higher ups, the leaders do not want you seeing behind the curtains. Heck most anybody in the world doesn't want you seeing behind the scenes. Take this into consideration the next time you choose to speak on a person, or cause's behalf. Do not take things at face value unless you witnessed them first hand, and even then be skeptical as people in person can still put on a show.

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