Monday, February 8, 2016

Online Gaming Has Gone To Hell

For the past month I've been waging a mostly silent behind-the-scenes war with those PSN players who would go out of their way to do me wrong, and the moderators at Sony who don't seem to care that they are doing so. This past weekend I hit the boiling point. I reached the end of my rope. I erupted on social media voicing my concerns, and my opinions about the situation. At one point I tweeted directly at Ed Boon in regards to the 'MKX Enhanced Online Beta'. I told him how I was being trolled, and that the way he went about running the Beta program was wrong. I even mentioned how those who are out to ruin the online experience in MKX are currently in control of it, and are more than likely giving false feedback. Did he reply? Did he listen? Nope. Like everything else I've said it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

On top of that Sony, and the trolls who I face in every f**king online game I play on the PS4 are trolling me as well. I get spam f**ked by Sony with their repeat copy & pasted messages regarding my grief reports (which come back almost immediately showing that they didn't even investigate properly). The real sh*t kicker with that is I cannot turn the messages from Sony off, and they know it. Apparently they think I'm playing some sort of childish game by reporting as many PSN players as I do, so they get back at me with pointless spam. As far as the trolls go I found out that they are indeed targeting me, because my PSN ID has become synonymous with calling out the troublemakers as they are. I ended up making a couple of extra PSN IDs to test the waters, and see if it was me being targeted, or if I was a normal everyday victim. It turns out that I am indeed a target. I'm now getting spit roasted by Sony, and the PS4 trolls.

Without bantering on about me, and my situation let's talk about what the state of online gaming means to you, and what (if anything) the console creators, and game developers are doing about it. First off let's discuss the steps Sony has taken to make it damn near impossible for us to express our grievances about the problems concerning the Playstation Network. The PSN in it's current state offers no definitive grief report options to choose from on the PS4 console. The only grief report options available to the gamer are so vague that the moderators seeing the complaints wouldn't have a clue in hell as to what the gamer sending in the grief report is complaining about. There are no options to report the more common abusers (hackers, trolls, cheaters, lagswitchers ...). Sure they go after the big fish like those discriminating against, or impersonating others among other heavy offenses, but those are not the biggest issues plaguing the PSN.

Along with the lack of proper on console grief report options comes the removal of the one viable reporting option we had, and that was the complaint form on the official Playstation website. It no longer exists. In it's place we get directed to a website feedback poll that holds no relevance to the problems we are running into on the PSN. When you take to the Twitter Playstation help account (@AskPlaystation) they do f**k all to help you, and direct you to this feedback poll on the website. They either direct you to the feedback poll or to the live help on the same website which has consultants who practically brush off everything you tell them. Where the hell is this greatness Sony speaks so boldly of in their slogan? I want to know. If they can't, and won't moderate their pay to play online then how the hell is it ever going to be great. Greatness awaits, my ass!!!

Getting back to what I've seen in regards to the PSN online experience ... In my time with the PS3 & PS4 I've encountered tons of cheating, trolling, and even hacking. Yes, I said "hacking". I've also seen PS4 communities rise up in the shadows offering PSN ID changes as well as modded/hacked PSN game accounts. Where is Sony when all this sh*t is going down? Why haven't they noticed? It's because they have turned a blind eye, and a deaf ear to it all. How do I know what I'm saying is true? I run into the same people I've reported over, and over again on the PSN. The added fact that official Playstation Twitter accounts ignored my screenshot showing proof of the PSN ID change community further shows their overall lack of caring. Whoever is in charge at SIE now doesn't give a rat's ass about the problems facing the gaming network. It's either that, or the are so invested in getting your money that they could care less about how happy you are with their pay to play service. Maybe they sold out to the devil. Who the hell knows. All I know is I'm being wronged, and that others are as well.

I've reached a point where I've had to weigh my hobbies, and the importance of each. For the longest I thought investing in PS4 gaming was the future, but in light of this situation I'll be damned if I ever pay up for another online Playstation game. My money would be better spent elsewhere. I'm not talking about on the Xbox One either. They've f**ked up as well, and in similar ways as Sony has with the Playstation. Instead of wasting my income on monthly Playstation online releases I'll be putting that money towards my comic book, and toy collections. At least with comic books, and toys I'm not going to be trolled or harassed. F**k paying up for an experience that does not deliver the fun quality it boasts about. F**k that noise! You, my friends can do as you see fit. Just realize that the reason the PSN goes down so frequently directly ties-in with the gamers who are getting away with their hacks, mods, and cheats due to Sony's ignorance. As long as Sony ignores the situation it's only going to get worse.

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