Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Playstation Conspiracy

Since the induction of the new management over at Sony's Playstation headquarters I've noticed several unnerving changes to the PS3, and PS4 infrastructure. For one thing SIE (the new management team behind the Playstation console generations) has gone out of their way to make it even more difficult for gamers to report PSN offenders. They have done away with the website complaint form entirely, and have added extra steps in the console process as well as nonsensical reporting options which are so vague they do nothing in pinpointing an offense. It's as if they don't care to combat the issues at hand, or that they are breeding a gaming environment to let the problems thrive. They have seemingly also invited the offending crowd openly through avatar, and theme offerings on the PSN Store inciting a sort of negative uprising among the gaming community.

Recently while booting my PS3 back up I took a visit to the PSN Store only to find a disturbing selection of PSN avatars that play on various end of the world scenarios, and current anarchist mentalities. Dare I say it, but it seems to me that Sony's SIE has dark intentions in mind for their paying gaming community. Intentions that are devilish in nature. I'm beginning to think the new management's agenda is to steer the youth of our world in a darker direction. That is a conspiracy theory though ...

Just to give you an idea of what I saw over at the PS3 I'll rattle off some of the avatars that you can buy to represent yourself. Among the current listings there is a "Fallen Angel", "Don't Trust the World", "A Devil Has Arrived", "Doomsday is Coming", and various "666" avatars for your choosing among other things. On top of this you'll find alien avatars that tie into the alternate end times conspiracy theories. All of this points to the fact that SIE knows exactly what they are doing by offering these personalized items. Stranger still is the fact that none of this is offered on the PS4 store. I thought about that very thing, and came up with a reason as to why the PS3 would offer such things, and why the PS4 doesn't. The PS3 is a playground for the worst of the worst when it comes to gamer types. If you still play on the PS3 you'll know this as a fact. The console's online is plagued by hackers, and modders of all sorts. All of which SIE, and the former SOE does/did nothing about. With added cross-console play features in PS4 games this only serves to invite the problems of the PS3 over to the PS4. That's another story for another time though.

What bugs me most of all is that SIE seems to be hush-hush with their behind the scenes tinkering. They haven't offered up management team names on social media, and they have not even hinted at what they are planning to do to make the PSN a better place to game. In fact I haven't seen the SIE mentioned again on social media outside of my conspiracy theory bantering. Who, and what the SIE is still very much a mystery. It makes me wonder if Sony's Playstation brand was bought out by other country representatives with a hidden agenda, or if the new management was forced upon them.

The reason I say this is that there seems to be a race war going on within the PSN's online. I have run into countless PSN offenders with language settings set to "German", "Russian", "Arabic", "French", and "Italian" among others from the European, and Asian nations. It could be argued that the languages aren't factual when it comes to the player, because of SIE's setup, but something is amiss. To see players with these language settings in place constantly cheating, lagswitching, modding, and hacking points to the fact that someone is making an effort to make it known that race is a factor in what is going on. I do have my theories on that as well, and those theories tie in with the influx of Arabic immigrants within Germany, France, the UK, Italy, and other European nations. As racist as that may sound something is not right, and with the things I've mentioned in play it's not out of the question. Perhaps it's people of non-related languages, and country origins trying to start a cyber race war. Perhaps SIE is a part of said race war. Who knows. All I do know is something sinister, and sneaky is happening on the PSN battlegrounds. Maybe the devil really is in the details?

One has but only to look a little deeper to see all that I've spoken of. The trouble is not many of you care to. Most of you place your faith in other gamers giving them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to online loss. I, however cannot turn such a blind eye on things now that I've spotted what I have. I see it all more, and more with each passing PSN gaming session. Perhaps I am a target because I speak openly about it, and perhaps those ignorant to my personal encounters aren't being targeted like I am. I can tell you now though that I do have a good friend whom I have gamed with on a regular basis who has seen what I've seen. I am not alone in my claims. This reality is out there.

I'm gonna close in saying "Where's my greatness Playstation? I've been waiting ...". Seriously though, where is the greatness that Sony's Playstation division has promised. Have any of your really experienced it? In the online environment? Be truthful.

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