Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day!!! (5/30/2016)

In our day to day lives, and even in our daily gaming activities some of us often times do not stop to think of the men, and women stationed abroad, and at home who are constantly fighting to keep this country's freedoms intact. Some of us take what they do for granted without a second's thought like some spoiled child who expects them to continue without question. Some of us don't even account for the fact that our freedoms are made possible by the service men, and women who willingly serve in this nation's army, navy, and air force. The fact is if it weren't for them doing what they do we wouldn't be able to partake of the simplest pleasures in life. We'd be too worried about scraping by, and doing as we are told by people who don't have our best interests in mind. If we fail as a society to acknowledge, and appreciate what those fighting for us do we may one day find ourselves forced to fight in their place while wondering why it is nobody cares about our sacrifices. Today, for the sake of remembrance, and for looking forward do the right thing, and put your own petty internet inspired battles aside to remember the fight that really counts. The fight for our right to live freely. If you know someone who has served our country, or who is currently in service of it let them know you appreciate what they have done, and continue to do. Show some respect. Honor those who have sacrificed it all so that we might see a better tomorrow.

I'd like to personally take the time to thank all of the service men, and women for their sacrifices. Thank you with all of my heart, and soul! I know it's hard sometimes to continue doing what you do, and that you bare a burden that people don't usually understand. Through PTSD, physical wounds, and mental scars you have brought to us a life worth living though. I just want you to know that some of us, if not all do appreciate what you do, and what you have done. I know without your commitment, and sacrifice this country would be a worse place for it. For that I can't thank you enough. Today may you find comfort in knowing that their are still people in the world that care about you. People like me who understand you, even if it is on a civilian's level. Keep on fighting the good fight, my friends. Stay strong.

- Brad Carver

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