Thursday, June 2, 2016

What the Inferno Offers You

I've often times reached out to PR, gaming studios, and publishers in hopes I could review their games. I've promised significant views of my reviews, thorough reviews, and critiques without a harsh delivery. I have always delivered on all three things. While the blog itself doesn't get as many views as my other review view sources the reviews are definitely getting noticed. How do I know this? Well, for one thing my Google+ page which houses my reviews gets around 2,000 views daily for each new review that is posted on that page. This actually lasts for a good while after the review is posted. Of course those review posts mirror what I post here on the blog, but are simplified in comparison. As far as the thorough nature of said reviews go I've never once left out any significant details. I've usually provided more in-depth reviews than what most sought after mainstream sites care to provide. These reviews I speak of have sometimes been over ten full length paragraphs. I've included detailed mechanics breakdowns, character descriptions, story descriptions, and even audio/graphics assessments among other things. I have dedicated many hours to each, and every review I've typed up. I have delivered on my promises. I've even gone out of my way to let developers know why their games have gained a less than favorable verdict, and what it is they could do to improve upon the game. To be told otherwise by certain PR that I've done several reviews for in the past is slap to the face.

Aside from the Google+ traffic, and the blog traffic my work also gets recognized and respected on my Twitter timeline from the 3,100+ followers who always tune in to what I have to say. Math will tell you that word of mouth matters, and what better place to spread the word about your reviews than a social media platform in which you have over three thousand dedicated followers. A platform where you are also listed on over 200 peoples' lists regarding entertainment, gaming, and hobbies. I honestly never will understand the business sense of some PR. The whole ignoring, and black listing that goes on is uncalled for, and most of the time not warranted. What it amounts to is PR not wanting to do their jobs, or PR who do not fully understand the reach or integrity of certain journalistic outlets.

I'll close in saying this ... If you are a PR who understands that online reach is not always direct, and that journalistic integrity is a valuable resource I'd be more than glad to work with you on a continued basis. Not only do I offer numbers, and the previously mentioned services, but I also offer friendship to anyone who should care to have such a relationship with a journalist. I've made some Awesome developer, and PR friends along the way with whom I've become more than just a statistic. It's not some friendship based on free handouts or early access either. As an added perk I also offer up sound advice to those studios I care about. That's something you might be interested in if you really care about the companies you are promoting through your PR services. As far as the possible rumors going about in the PR circuit goes you'll be glad to know that I do my best to maintain proper inquiry, and business etiquette. This includes many "Thank You!" messages, and followed up emails with links to my reviews. Regardless of the few PR I've had words with over warranted reasons I always try to maintain a proper business relationship, if nothing else. I have the saved emails to back that up if anything of the sort should ever come to be questioned.

I hope that you (PR, Gaming Studios & Publishers) continue to come to me for the reviews that I can do (Steam, IOS & Android not included), and that you never lose faith in my ability to get the word out there. Here at the Inferno the mission is two-fold. I aim to keep my readers informed on gaming related topics, and I aim to build long lasting PR business relationships so I can continue to do so. It's not about the freebies, but more so about a bond of trust. Whenever I request a game I do so for two reasons. One being to keep my readers' trust, and two build upon a trusting relationship with the PR, Developer, and Studio. If I were to freely post reviews on my dime, and my time do you think the PR, Studios, and Publishers would truly appreciate it? Maybe to an extent that they are getting free exposure, but not in an joined business relationship sense. It's that business relationship that inspires me to do my best. I feel obligated to fulfill my promises, and to deliver that thorough review. I feel in getting a game for review that a lot is riding on my work, and it keeps me focused on my end goal to please both of my audiences. That is why I seek mostly review copies.

I hope this article has been educational for both my readers, and the PR who have trusted in me over the years. I hope it has allowed you to see what I do in a better light. I may have ended some PR relationships in the past, but for the sake of the studios I once sought out these metaphorical doors will never be closed to any PR who wish to regain what we once had. I'm not the bitter blacklisting sort.

Followers = 3,147, Listed = 211

- Brad Carver (OtakuDante)

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