Friday, July 8, 2016

ATTENTION!!!: Brad's State of the Nation Address

What I'm about to say I'm going to keep short, and to the point ...

As of late, and well before then it has come to my attention that Americans among other worldly citizens are being led to restrict their own freedoms. We are tightening the leash around our necks (so-to-speak) through our actions, and reactions regardless of how justified they may seem. In fact we've become a highly reactive, and active society when it comes to voicing or displaying our opinions about what is wrong, and what is right. The fact that social media is constantly ablaze with negative controversies concerning the average citizen, and the ruling body should be concerning in itself. It's as if we are being subliminally led to direct our anger, and worries at specific targets for undisclosed reasons. Those reasons ultimately being for the limiting of our own rights, and the ushering in of a totalitarian government. Whether you are black, white, or any color under the rainbow this should concern you. There's no doubt in my mind there's been racial injustice at play as well as political injustice, and gender specific injustices. No doubt at all. With these injustices set aside though there is no denying that some peoples' actions in regards to these intentional public outbursts have only served to cripple our rights as free citizens, and have all but plunged us into a civil war. I believe it is what certain individuals want since a society that can be swayed to believe a certain way can be easily controlled. A wise man or woman would easily pick up on this fact.

So ... where do we go from here? There are only two paths branching off from this crossroad intersection that we are at, and both have their unique consequences for those who choose to tread along them. One road which is the more perilous of the two will lead to civil unrest, indefinitely. That, and likely marshal law among other things. The other road, or the alternative harbors only slight positives in comparison, and will eventually lead to a tolerant oppression. Neither path sounds all that great, right? Well, that is our situation as we have let into power those who would do us harm whether directly, or indirectly. We have gone for the fantastical promises of the leading few for fixes not universal in nature, and have in turn negated the deeper issues which affect all of us as human beings. Unfortunately fixing something only for the "minorities" will not fix things for the majority. In other words if you want to be accepted as a part of society's "Normal", and be respected like any other person therein you CANNOT separate yourself as an individual. Self-separation will never lead to universal acceptance. Through politics, and the governing bodies we have systematically picked apart our country's people, and further segregated all classes by pointing out everyone's flaws while not working together for a common solution. We want to be thought of like others yet we don't. We seek to be our unique selves, but fight to be as accepted as those who conform to common beliefs. It does not, and will not ever work. We are effectively a nation divided on many levels, and in many ways for these very reasons. More so than ever before.

As one of the higher thinkers in society (or perhaps outside of it) I personally believe the media, and those behind the media leaks are purposefully instigating these diversity fights. Instead of focusing on the positive in our fellow human beings we are picking at our differences and socially highlighting them like some high school drama. Nerds versus jocks, and what have you. It's nonsense, and idiocracy in the making. If it keeps up one thing is for certain. That thing being the ultimate dividing of our people, and the conquering of us all. Don't be subliminally duped by the media. Don't believe everything you read or hear. Above all else don't seek to become a part of something if you want to stand out as an individual. Acceptance is fine to an extent, but being content with yourself is even more rewarding. Too often we look to be accepted among others, and in doing so we end up conforming to their ways. We lose who we were, and become who we aren't. While society may dictate what we can outwardly do it can never restrain us from making grand our humble state of living. Geniuses, artists, and poets are often times born from humble or oppressed beginnings. Draw from the negative something positive, and do what you were told you couldn't. Even if that thing is only with pen and paper.

In closing I'll say that I wish you all the best in these trying times. Stay strong, and do not make enemies of friends. Keep your family close, and mind what is going on in the world as one day it will no doubt effect you and those you care about. Peace be with you, my friends.

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