Sunday, July 24, 2016

Brad's Presidential Speech 2016

Fellow Americans, people of all nationalities. It is time for a change. Not in the sense of the current candidates' goals, but more so a personal at home change. As the late John F. Kennedy so rightfully said many years ago, "Children are the world's most valuable resource, and it's best hope for the future". It is time we as grown-ups, authority figures, and parents recognize the true problem at hand. That problem being the ill-advised raising, and outright neglect of our children's education regarding what's right, and what is wrong in a social environment. It's time the adult population is held accountable for their inaction and actions in relation to the corruption of the youth, and are made to raise the children of America in a way befitting of the country's more humble, and respectable origins. Long gone are the days of proper parenthood, and a righteous upbringing. As such we must strive even more to right the wrongs we have passed down from generation to generation. As your potential presidential candidate I aim to help you guide your children to become our brightest future.

If I were elected president my goals would be upfront, and honest throughout my term in office. For example, as I just said I would help you to help our children become worthy leaders for the generations to come. I would put into place such things as a strict, but much needed punishment system for neglectful parents, and authority figures. I would fine the neglectful for leaving the children alone with the internet, television, or video games while they are still at an impressionable age, and would increase that fine to jail time if they do not learn from their mistakes. Even people of illegal immigration status would be held accountable. No one in America who is raising a child would be exempt. If the issues persist in any household beyond that point online access would become completely prohibited for said household, and denied indefinitely. I would not allow any internet service provider to give said individuals service, and would in turn fine said companies if they continued to offer service to the house in question. It is important that we as governing officials observe what goes on online, but not to a point that we are doing so on a regular basis without reason. That is where you come in. I would put into place a complaint system that would coincide with any form of online interactive entertainment. This would be a joint effort with gaming/interactive entertainment service providers, and any community participants therein. There would be a report system where anonymous tips could be left regarding abusive online activity, and in turn I would have a dedicated staff investigate complaints while disciplining those who are deserving of the fines, assigned jail time, or complete internet bans. At no time would prying eyes be privileged to your online habits unless you or your children's unruly activities are brought to the government's attention.

This brings me to presidential plan number two. We are all aware as citizens of the United States that the government lacks properly managed judicial, law making, and enforcement branches. Even military efforts have become a conjoined puppet show of collective countries out for a single dominate objective. A new world order with a global economic agenda in mind. The stage is being set through our government, and other governments or ruling bodies. I would be the first to break this chain by exposing, and making changes in the cabinet of representatives. The changes would include the seeking out of like-minded individuals who desire to change America for the best, and not their own best. We do not need a cabinet of elected individuals who are divided among themselves or united in a way that only hurts the country further. I would make points so well thought out, and so intelligent in nature that those said points would expose the frauds in the senate, and expose to you the truths, and the lies.

When it comes to the changes I'd be seeking in regards to socioeconomic betterment the end goal is a self-sustaining United States where jobs are no longer outsourced, and the needs and wants that the American people have can be obtained from our own companies, and manufacturers. Bartering, and trade would only be done with countries who are on good terms with us. I would encourage factory business growth, and seek to support it through community, and government funding. I'd also seek to aid in the growth of the agriculture department, and fund scientists who can aid in the healthy growing of crops and livestock within the ever changing climate that is inflicting it's wrath upon the world. I would even go so far as to promote the improvement of housing, and communities through optional donations from the public for those seeking to have a more structurally sound, clean, and efficient living environment. From time to time I'd see that government officials contribute as well. I think giving the population the choice to either better their state, city, or country residence through monetary/physical donations or to leave it the decaying construct that it is would be a productive way for those looking to live a healthier, and more safer life.

Things such as construction work on worn roads, bridges, buildings would be taken into consideration. Even the gardening, recycling of recyclables, and land upkeep would be up for improvement should you be willing to pitch in, in some form or fashion. My idea is that if you really want to see improvements then you should contribute to said betterment. Don't depend on the government for everything, and if need be dirty your hands a bit with some hands-on community efforts. That being said some taxes would still apply to the usual things in order for the government to run (the schools, the police, the fire department ...) public functions, and utilities. They need to be compensated for their work just as anyone working any job would. To curve the growing costs of funding said projects, efforts, and taxes though I'd introduce to the workplace a universal barter program that could afford people (in general) the luxuries, and necessities they need for a healthy household.

By "bartering program" I'd encourage, but not demand that companies trade goods for temporary help. It would be like a temp job, but the workers would be people looking for groceries, or even luxury items. The catch would be that adopters of this bartering program would have to train the temporary employees for said temp job. This would get the person working for the items they need while not permanently taking up a spot in the company's more fixed staffing. I believe this would get more people into work, especially if companies spot career worthy individual. It would also help the company to bank more money in the process further improving upon America's economic self-sufficiency as they would not be paying the working individuals for their time or work outright since they buy their stocked merchandise at bulk prices. Of course background checks would need to be made, and legal status verified. I would ask in turn that none of the work efforts in the program be applicable to taxation as it is a bartering system. Time and work in exchange for the products you need or want. That is the pitch. I think this would also curve some of the theft that goes on as people could earn their living, but not have to commit to theft acts brought on by the need for work. Supposing a store or company wants to temporarily hire, and help an undocumented individual through the bartering program it would be up to that business owner. They'd be liable for any legalities rising from said hiring though, and by that I mean any criminal activity that should arise. As far as the details of the program go I'd work closely with big, and small businesses to fine tune the rules and regulations for a safe, and friendly work environment.

On the energy front I'd do my best to work on alternative, and environmentally sound solutions. I'd push for industry innovation in the area of vehicle manufacturing, and would work with vehicle manufacturers who are willing to think outside of the box when it comes to innovation, and driver safety. I'd make safety a priority in vehicle construction, and hold liable any company who does not properly maintain a clean bill of safety. I'd also work with bike riders, and those who choose to walk rather than ride on ways to ease their trek to work or wherever it is they may be going. I'd work with the communities on funding shaded rest stops that will house multiple people as well as the construction of proper sidewalks, and bike lanes for those choosing the healthier ways of travel. In the ways of fuel for the people who drive I'd be looking in our own backyard so-to-speak, but in a manner not destructive to the environment. I would work with environmental researchers on said fuel harvesting efforts whether they be of an alternative source, or the traditional fuels we now use. My main focus though will always be on a plentiful alternative that will not deplete over time, and that will never fail due to shortage. Working with engineers, and bio-engineers will be top priority.

In the way of travel, and the automotive industry initiatives I'll also crack down on companies who intentionally make parts to wear out or break over time. I feel this is part of the reason as to why there are so many recalls, and accidents resulting from said recalled parts/vehicles. I will work with the companies through the help of innovative, and intelligent engineers on creating a lasting vehicle that does not require a lot to make, or to run. This way they can sell vehicles at the economically friendly price, but not lose out on profits or integrity. At the same time I will work with them to ensure that the new technology, crafting processes, and materials meet the standards of a safe, and efficient vehicular construction. I think this method of dealing with the automotive industry should also extend unto other big business manufacturers. In fact I'd strive to make the manufacturing industries in general to be more cost efficient while maintaining a quality product that is without fault. America will become known once again as the leader in innovation, and better business opportunities If I should succeed.

Beyond workplace ethics, and economic growth I'd strive to improve upon the education system, and what it is that our children are being taught. While I personally don't know the extent of the damage done I would work alongside educators to devise a plan to improve upon teaching methods, offered curriculum, and required lessons. I am not blind to the altering of our children's source material, or the way in which these core subjects are being taught. I will enforce a historically accurate history lesson, and will include the discussion of all worldly religions, but not to a point where I'm demanding the educators to get your children to believe one way or the other. I feel it is important that we know of the world, but that we as individuals learn our place in it through our own free will. I will promote proper parenting through in school classes for parents, and soon-to-be parents as well. I will make sure the education system does not leave them in the dark about anything, and if it comes to a point that a school should be held accountable for their inaction, or actions I will see that they are.

In closing I want you to see the world as I do. A place of infinite opportunities held back by social limitations. Imagine that barrier of finite possibility breaking away, and the infinite becoming a reality for us all. Together, and only together can we achieve this. I believe it with my heart and soul. We can make America a shining example to others again, and transform it into a place for the children to bring forth a future that is worth living in. As John F, Kennedy so rightfully said, "Children are the world's most valuable resource, and it's best hope for the future". Help me to help them usher in the better future.

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